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Abilities are actions you can take on a per-Building basis for a desired effect. Many Abilities require a specific Law to be signed before they can be used.

Alternative Food Source[]

Every dead body will be processed into 15 Raw Food.

Alternative Food Source Icon.png
  • Usage: Cookhouse
  • Cooldown: 4d
  • Negative Effect:
    • Chance to raise discontent.
    • Chance to lower hope.

This ability is only available after the completion of the Alternative Food Source arc.

Captain's Words[]

Our Faith Keepers will knock on every door to spread the word of our Captain and make sure it is obeyed.

Captain's Words Icon.png

Ceremonial Service[]

A long, ceremonial sermon will be delivered at the Temple

Ceremonial Service Icon.png

Cocaine Pills[]

Cocaine pills will be served with meals and motivation will rise slightly. Prolonged use can cause dependency or death.

Cocaine Pills Icon.png
  • Usage:Cookhouse
  • Positive effect:motivation will rise slightly.

Collective Bargaining[]

You will start the negotiations with workers and try to resolve all strikes peacefully.

Collective Bargaining Icon.png

Note: Usage of this ability requires at least two or more active strikes.

Emergency Repair[]

Advance Generator repair by 10%.

Emergency Repair Icon.png

Note: repair can be increased by another 10% by researching Emergency Repair II (Technology). This is only available in The Fall of Winterhome.

Emergency Shift[]

People will work for the next 24 hours.

Emergency Shift Icon.png
  • Usage: Any building with an adjustable shift
  • Cooldown: 2d
  • Negative effect: Discontent will rise by 17.5% for 72 hours, chance of workers dying in accidents during emergency shifts. Discontent will rise by 21% for 72 hours in extreme mode.

Note: workers will not die during emergency shifts if you choose to spend rations to activate emergency shifts in the Emergency Shift arc. This adds a cost of 5 Food Rations.

Evening Prayers[]

An Evening service will be held in places of worship. People will gather together to talk and pray. Food will be distributed among the participants

Evening Prayers Icon.png

Evening Service[]

A short sermon will be delivered in places of worship.

Sermon Icon.png

Extra Rations[]

10 Food Rations will be given to patients to speed up their recovery.

Extra Rations Icon.png
  • Usage: Medical Post, Infirmary, House of Healing
  • Cost: 10 Food Rations
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive Effect: the medical facility will gain a 50% boost to its base efficiency (i.e. bonuses from agitators/shrines and Organ Transplant improve the benefit of Extra Rations) for 1 day. This shortens the time patients need to spend in treatment.

Forced Labour[]

Raises efficiency in all workplaces only Convicts are assigned by 100% but lowers safety by 3

Forced Labour Icon.png
  • Usage:Panopticon only
  • Positive effect:raises efficiency by 100%
  • Negative effect:lowers safety by 3
  • Requires: signed law Servitude

Forceful Persuasion[]

Prison guards will use force to convince some prisoners to mend their wicked ways.

Forceful Persuasion Icon.png
  • Usage: Prison
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive Effect: Persuaded convicts will be released from prison.
  • Negative Effects:
    • People may be hurt or killed.
    • Hope will fall drastically.


A foreman will ensure that everybody at this facility works to the best of their ability. You will have to provide the foreman with food.

Foreman Icon.png
  • Usage: Any building with an adjustable shift.
  • Cost: 10 Food Rations
  • Cooldown: 2d
  • Positive Effect: Workplace efficiency will rise by 40%

Note: Affects automatons too.

Food for Workers[]

-2 strike risk in all workplaces for 24 hours

Food for Workers Icon.png

Every usage lowers strike risk by 2 points.

Internal Promotion[]

Promotes 5 unemployed Workers to Engineers

Internal Promotion Icon.png

Medical Repatriation[]

Residents of the Care House will sent back to London, reducing the need of housing and food

Medical Repatriation Icon.png

Motivational Speech[]

A short speech will inspire people to give their work all they have

Motivational Speech Icon.png

Nighttime Procession[]

Faith Keepers will gather our people together and lead them in a procession

Nighttime Procession Icon.png
  • Usage: Faith Keepers
  • Cooldown: 3d
  • Positive Effect: Discontent will fall when the procession starts after midnight

Overseer's Inspection[]

Overseers will be sent to workplace to motivate(and also annoy) workers

Overseers Inspection Icon.png
  • Usage:Overseers' Station & Security Outpost
  • Cost:10 Food Rations
  • Cooldown:1d 0h
  • Positive effect:
    • Increases motivation
    • raises efficiency in nearby workplaces by 25%
  • Negative effect:
    • Raises discontent in nearby workplaces
    • increases strike risk


Guards will patrol the streets near their Guard Stations to maintain law and order. You'll have to provide them with extra food for their efforts.

Patrol Icon.png
  • Usage: Guard Station
  • Cost: 10 Food
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive Effects:
    • Discontent will fall.
    • Hope will rise slightly.

Propaganda Bulletin[]

A news bulletin delivered to every household will reassure people that we are protecting our city by maintaining order.

Propaganda Bulletin Icon.png

Protective Structure[]

Use 6 Structural Profiles to install lightweight protective structures across the workplace and improve Safety by 1 level for 24h.

Protective Structure Icon.png
  • Usage: any generator construction site
  • Cost: 6 Structural Profiles (4 with Improved Structure tech)
  • Cooldown: 1d 12h

Note: Requires first researching in Workshop in Generator Construction technology tree Protective Structure upgrade.

Public Execution[]

If New Order: A public enemy will be executed. This is what happens to those who endanger our city.

If New Faith: An enemy of the Faith will be executed. This is what happens to those who endanger our city.

Public Execution Icon.png
  • Usage: Execution Platform
  • Cooldown: 2d
  • Positive Effect: Discontent will fall greatly
  • Negative Effect: One person will die

Note: Public execution by and large only executes male adult citizens. Women can be executed, but it is rare. Due to this, there may be a situation where an execution occurs but no eligible citizens die.

Public Penance[]

Public Penance will take place. Those who admit their wrongdoings and show remorse will be forgiven

Public Penance Icon.png
  • Usage: Faith Keepers
  • Cooldown: 3d
  • Positive Effect:
    • Hope will rise when the ceremony begins.
    • Discontent will fall when the ceremony begins.
  • Negative Effect: People may be injured.

Rationalised Healthcare[]

Convicts are barred from health facilities. If they die, they will be disposed of in the Generator's foundations

Rationalised Healthcare Icon.png


Prison guards will roundup wrongdoers and put them in prison. They'll go after Londoners, dissidents and any other troublemakers. Prisoners will be returned to society after 3 days.

Roundup Icon.png

In The Last Autumn, this ability has a different effect: Up to 15 Workers will become Convicts

Safety Procedures[]

Raises workplace safety by 1 , but lowers efficiency by 25%.

Safety Procedures Icon.png
  • Usage: any generator construction site
  • Positive Effect: rise workplace safety by 1
  • Negative Effect: lowers efficiency by 25%
  • Requires: signed law Safety Procedures

Selfless Sacrifice[]

Raises workplace efficiency by 25%, but lowers safety by 2

Selfless Sacrifice Icon.png
  • Usage: any generator construction site
  • Positive effect: raises workplace efficiency by 25%
  • Negative effect: lowers safety by 2
  • Requires: Selfless Sacrifice


A short sermon will be preached in places of worship

Sermon Icon.png

Note: If New Faith is passed, the effect of this ability will be "Discontent will fall slightly."

Strike Busting[]

You will end the strike using force

Strike Busting Icon.png
  • Usage:any generator construction site
  • Negative effect:
    • People will get hurt
    • Discontent will rise greatly.
  • Requires:Strike Busting

Note:Workplaces must be in range of Security Outpost

Show of Force[]

Militiamen will lead workers on a hunt for troublemakers. You'll have to provide then with extra food for their efforts.

Show of Force Icon.png
  • Usage: People's Militia
  • Cost: 10 Food Rations
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive Effects:
    • Discontent will fall greatly
    • -1 strike risk at all workplaces
  • Requires: signed law Show of Force


Use 5 Steam Exchangers to instantly advance work on the Generator by 10%/20%.

Supercharge Icon.png
  • Usage: any generator construction site
  • Cost: 5 Steam Exchangers
  • Cooldown: 2d
  • Requirements: Active any construction site.

Note: Advancement of 10% or 20% depends on researching Machine Shop upgrades, Supercharge or Advanced Supercharge in Generator Construction technology tree in Workshop.


We`ll be able to dedicate all our efforts to healing those who can recover quickly at the cost of sacrificing the more severely ill

Triage Icon.png
  • Positive effect:
    • 50% of the sick will be healed
  • Negative effect:
    • Discontent will rise with every death
    • Discontent will rise with every use
  • Note:
    • 25% of the sick will die instantly
    • 25% will remain sick

Utilise the Dead[]

Three bodies will be used to enrich the soil and speed up plant growth

Utilise the Dead Icon.png

This is only available with Organic Fertiliser passed.

Wooden Supports[]

Workers will secure a section of the Warehouse with wooden supports to be able to work faster and more efficiently.

Wooden Supports.png
  • Usage: Army Warehouse
  • Cost: 50 Wood
  • Cooldown: 1d
  • Positive Effect: Efficiency of Army Warehouse will rise by 50% for 12 hours

This is only available after passing Wooden Supports (Technology)