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Abolition of Privileges
Abolition of Privileges.png
We are all equal. Everyone will be required to work anywhere they're sent, no matter - worker or engineer.
Laws People's Militia (Law)
Laws Official Doctrine (Law)
Immediate Effects
Law Cooldown 2d 0 hours
Discontent -
Motivation rises slightly

Abolition of Privileges is is one of the laws from the Book of Laws in Frostpunk.


Workers and Engineers can be sent to any kind of work.

Cooldown: 48 hours


Book: Labour



  • anyone can be employed at any workplace
  • motivation will rise slightly


  • Discontent of Engineers will rise permanently
  • Workers employed as Engineers have 75% efficiency


There are events associated with this law.

Abolition of Privileges[]

This event arc follows through the fire and the aftermath.

Bad medicine[]

This event triggers if you employed a worker in the Infirmary.

Sir, a worker employed as a medic mixed up the medicines and poisoned the patients. Unfortunately, 3 of them died. "I'm sorry I'm so sorry!", sobs the distraught worker. "I was following the manual to the letter! I swear!". Then a shadow crosses her face. "Maybe the engineers altered it to make us look bad."

You will have the following options:

  • Blame the engineers: Motivation will fall slightly.
  • Punish the worker: The worker will be hurt. Discontent will rise.

An affront[]

This event triggers if you employed a engineer to any workplace.

An engineer employed as a worker refuses to do manual labour. "This is an outrage! I have a degree! Find me a job that's worthy of my expertise." Workers jeer at him!