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Alternative Food Source
Alternative Food Source
In these terrible times we must do the unthinkable to survive. We won't let the bodies of our dead go to waste.
Abilities Alternative Food Source
Laws Soup, Food Additives, or Hearty Meals
Immediate Effects
Law Cooldown 4d 45 hours
Discontent rises
Hope falls drastically

Alternative Food Source is one of the items from the Book of Laws in Frostpunk.

Description[ | ]

This Law becomes available after Alternative Food Source has completed.

Notes[ | ]

  • NEW ABILITY: You can use corpses as Raw Food at the Cookhouse
  • Signing will decrease hope
  • Using this ability can raise discontent and lower hope dramatically, if people find out what you did (around 50% chance for people to find out).
  • 1 dead body = 15 raw food.
  • Cooldown 4d.

Trivia[ | ]

When you use the ability in the cookhouse to make raw food and you have too little storage space to put the food in you will get a message saying "We got the much needed food"