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Army Warehouse Background
Army Warehouse
Army Warehouse
Huge underground warehouse built by the army for an unknown purpose - preserving the imperial domination in the world after the apocalypse perhaps.
Employees 20 Workers or Engineers or Children(all jobs)
Working Hours 8:00am-18:00pm

Army Warehouse is a building that appears only in On The Edge.

Description[ | ]

After finding Steam Cores in the Army Warehouse, you can choose whether workers will retrieve Steel or Steam Cores. Initially, only one kind of resource can be retrieved at a time.

Your engineers can invent ways to improve working conditions in the Army Warehouse, increasing the output and providing some protection from the cold. This can be crucial, because the warehouse can't be heated from the outside.

Produce 80 Steel/10h or 2 Steam Cores/10h or 40 Steel/10h and 1 Steam Core/10h.

Abilities[ | ]

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