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The Book of Laws is one of the Game Mechanics in Frostpunk.

Description[ | ]

The Book of Laws provides the basis of rules and direction for the new city. The choice of Laws chosen and disregarded will have significant effects on the population; this is reflected in the Discontent or Hope penalties/boosts that accompany every newly introduced law. At the end of a scenario, a summary (often harsh) of the player's decisions in shaping the new city will derive primarily from the laws chosen.

The Book of Laws itself is composed of two law trees: Adaptation, and Purpose. Adaptation Laws are always available from the start of a scenario. Purpose Laws, on the other hand, are introduced later in the scenario and composed of either Faith or Order laws. The two aforementioned trees are mutually exclusive, so choosing one will prevent laws from the other tree being introduced. All laws affect either Discontent or Hope to various degrees, often times both. Many laws offer new building options or building abilities (e.g. adding sawdust to meals). Laws that provide a new building option often form as a promise to build it, as such the population will be displeased if expected buildings are not constructed soon. The law trees of Faith and Order offer many similar benefits with Guards and Faith Keepers operating effectively identically. Progressing the law tree of either Faith or Order will culminate in the New Faith/New Order law becoming available. These laws have significant effects as they will remove Hope as a going concern by making the population either completely devoted or obedient. This is achieved by neutralizing or silencing most elements of resistance to the Captain and so may result in some casualties. The Captain may still be overthrown should Discontent run too high. At this point, discontent may be managed with ease as problematic citizens/scapegoats may be publicly executed to deter an uprising. If you sign any of the last three laws of either path in Purpose, the ending will say "We have crossed the line," and "But was it worth it?"

Visually the Book of Laws is presented in a similar fashion to the 'tech tree' with each 'branch' displaying clearly the sequence of laws in each area.

Unlike the 'tech tree' the player cannot sign all laws in the book as certain choices can make others unavailable. For example signing the Corpse Disposal law will remove the option of having a graveyard by signing the Cemetery law. In this case it also gives the player a new branch to choose from, fitting to the choice that was made. Other 'one or the other' choices between laws will not change the following branch and simply make the same law(s) available no matter which one has been picked (For example choosing Extra Rations for the Ill or Overcrowding will always lead to Triage).

Most laws have events associated with their passing or the usage of their abilities.

Main Game Laws[ | ]

Adaptation Laws[ | ]

House of Pleasure
Duelling Law
Extended Shift
Child Labour - All Jobs
Public House
Fighting Arena
Emergency Shift
Child Labour - Safe Jobs / Child Shelters
Medic Apprentices / Engineer Apprentices
Soup / Food Additives
Radical Treatment / Sustain Life
Cemetery / Corpse Disposal
Organ Transplants
Alternative Food Source
Extra Rations for the Ill / Overcrowding
Care House
Ceremonial Funerals
Organic Fertiliser

Cooldowns per law[ | ]

Name Time Name Time Name Time
Alternative Food Source 45h Emergency Shift 18h Organ Transplants 36h
Carehouse 36h Engineer Apprentices 36h Organic Fertiliser 45h
Cemetery 18h Extended Shift 18h Overcrowding 36h
Ceremonial Funerals 36h Extra Rations for the Ill 36h Public House 18h
Child Labour - All Jobs 36h Fighting Arena 36h Prosthetics 45h
Child Labour - Safe Jobs 18h Food Additives 18h Radical Treatment  18h
Child Shelters 18h House of Pleasure 36h Sustain Life 18h
Corpse Disposal 18h Medic Apprentices  36h Soup  18h
Dueling Law 45h Moonshine 36h Triage 45h

Purpose Laws (Faith/Order)[ | ]

New Faith
Protector of the Truth
Public Penance
Righteous Denunciation
Faith Keepers
The Temple
Evening Prayers
House of Healing
House Of Prayer
Field Kitchens
Faith tree
Order tree
Morning Gathering
Neighbourhood Watch
Guard Stations
Propaganda Centre
Pledge of Loyalty
Forceful Persuasion
New Order

Cooldowns per law[ | ]

Faith Order
Name Time Name Time
Evening Prayers 36h Agitator 63h
Faith Keepers 36h Forceful Persuasion 45h
Field Kitchens 36h Foreman 18h
House of Healing 36h Guard Stations 36h
House of Prayer 36h Morning Gathering 18h
New Faith 72h Neighbourhood Watch 36h
Protector of the Truth 36h New Order 72h
Public Penance 36h Patrol 36h
Righteous Denunciation 36h Pledge of Loyalty 36h
Shrines 18h Prison 45h
The Temple 36h Propaganda Centre 45h

The Last Autumn Laws[ | ]

Administration Laws[ | ]

House of Pleasure
Evening Service
Ceremonial Funerals
Bare-Knuckle Bouts
Public House
On-Site Burials / Repatriation of Bodies
Company Funerals
Cocaine Pills
Gruel / Hearty Meals
Bath House
Radical Treatment / Sustain Life
Extra Rations for the Ill / Overcrowding
Alternative Food Source
Crowded Quarters / Comfortable Quarters
Care House
Prostheses Shipments / Medical Repatriation

Labour Laws[ | ]

Show of Force
People's Militia
Rationalised Healthcare
Selfless Sacrifice
Abolition of Privileges
Class Segregation
Penal Colony
Strike Busting
Official Doctrine
Security Outposts
Collective Bargaining
Workers Council
Internal Promotion
Labour Union
Factory Inspectorate
Work Standardisation
Short Shift
Extended Shift / Two Shifts
Extended Shift Compensations
Shift Work Coordination
Safety Procedures
After-Hours Equipment Maintenance

Cooldowns per law[ | ]

Workers Engineers Neuter laws
Name Time Name Time Name Time
Labour Union 48h Factory Inspectorate 48h Dispensary 36h
Workers Council 48h Overseers 48h Safety Procedures 18h
Collective Bargaining 18h Internal Promotion 18h After-hours Equipment Maintainence 18h
Official Doctrine 48h Security Outposts 48h Short Shift 18h
Abolition of Privileges 48h Penal Colony 48h Work Standardisation 18h
Selfless Sacrifce 18h Class Segregation 18h Extended Shift 18h
Propaganda 18h Strike Busting 18h Two Shifts 18h
People's Militia 48h Roundups 48h Extended Shift Compensation 18h
Show of Force 18h Rationalised Healthcare 18h Shift Work Coordination 18h
Terror 48h Servitude 48h