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Camp Vulcan

Camp Vulcan is a scouting location found in the New Home scenario.

Camp Vulcan[ | ]

Before Arrival: As we approach the camp, we can see that its inhabitants are busy packing. They've dismantled a couple of huts to build improvised sledges.

During Arrival: "You're going the wrong way!" The scientist mistook us for refugees, but after we tell them about our city, they're nonplussed. "It's probably too close to the storm to withstand it. Well, you might consult Nansen on that, if you reach him in the south."

Their work here is done. We could convince them to join us so we could show them our city.

After Arrival: The abandoned camp of Nansen's scientists.

You are then presented with 3 options:

-Escort the scientists to our city

-Direct the scientists to our city

-Let the scientists go their way