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Cemetery Background
A proper place to bury the dead.
Size 3 x 2
Build time 1h 30m
Wood Wood 10
Dismantle Value
Wood Wood 8

The Cemetery is a Buildings in Frostpunk. It is unlocked through the Book of Laws and is the counterpart to Snow Pit.

Acquisition[ | ]

Cemetery is available after signing Cemetery (Law), then it can be built from People tab.

Description[ | ]

There can be only one in the city.

Once the cemetery is built, dead bodies will automatically be buried there daily. The ceremony will be attended by several workers, who will not be able to work during it.

Abilities[ | ]


Upgrades[ | ]


Notes[ | ]

If the player chooses to delay making a decision on how to dispose of dead bodies many of their citizens will fall ill from the diseases that the corpses cause. This will decrease the city's overall productivity as citizens will be too sick to work and engineers will be pulled away from more productive activities to treat the endless number of sick. No amount of infirmaries and/or medical posts can eliminate the effects that dead bodies have on the health of citizens. At that, it is far more cost effective in both resources and manpower to pass a law for a cemetery or snow pit than it is to build medical facilities to treat ill citizens. Furthermore, choosing cemetery allows the player to pass a subsequent law called Ceremonial Burial, which halves the loss of hope caused by death.

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