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Citizens are a core component of Frostpunk.

There are currently five types of citizens found in the game:

Workers, Engineers, Children, Amputees, and Automatons.

Workers Edit

The most dynamic, and typically the most common of citizen is the Worker. They can be assigned to most buildings, except from some medical and specialty Buildings.

Engineers Edit

A vital resource and skilled with their hands, Engineers are a necessity to keep New London in good shape.

They are most frequently employed at specialty Buildings, Medical Posts, and the Workshop.

Choose how you assign your Engineers carefully, as they are not as common as workers.

Children Edit

The most "complex" of citizens, Children can be a nuisance or an asset.

By default, children cannot be assigned to work in any buildings. However, through some laws in Adaptation, Children can be utilized to work in some or all facilities that a Workers would qualify.

Unfortunately, signing some of these laws will upset the general consensus of your population and cause children to be at higher risk of injury.

Children can also be trained to work in medical facilities or Engineer specific buildings via Medic Apprentices or Engineer Apprentices.

Automatons Edit

While they don't exactly qualify as a citizen, Automatons perform the same duties as other citizens. Unlike the latter, Automatons can work 24 hour days and can staff most Buildings. But each Automatons need one per building and will be dormant if the Generators not running.

They can be built inside a Factory with the proper Resources.

Some can be found via Exploration and brought back to New London.

Amputees Edit

Once a productive citizen, Amputees are more or less dead weight on society unless given Prosthetics.

Players will need to use a Factory to build prosthetics for their injured civilians.

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