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Discontent is a game mechanic in Frostpunk that reflects the likeliness of the people to overthrow their leader. If Discontent is to rise for too long, and nothing is done about it, the leader will be either exiled or, in extreme cases, executed. Discontent reflects the opinions of the residents on living conditions within the city. It is affected by the signing of Laws, Buildings and their abilities. Occasional events might also lead to its increase and (rarely) its fall.

Discontent is the primary consequence of the Londoners' actions.

As a rule of thumb, residents will be much more contented if they are entertained, fed decent food and expected to work reasonable hours. Discontent will also gradually lower itself if the residents have nothing too severe to complain about.

Modifiers that raise discontent[ | ]

Citizen Needs[ | ]

Permanent modifiers[ | ]

Temporary modifiers[ | ]

  • Building of Faith destroyed
  • Building of Order destroyed
  • Controversial law
  • Disputes about supplies
  • Emergency Shift
  • People ignored
  • Promise Broken
  • Request Ignored
  • Theft ignored
  • Unpopular decision

Modifiers that lower discontent[ | ]

Permanent modifiers[ | ]

Temporary modifiers[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Most modifiers that raise discontent have a chance to trigger an event if they remain that way for too long.