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Endless mode is a new scenario type introduced into Frostpunk in 1.3.0. A total of three "scenario-like" sub-types available: Endurance and Serenity are free; and the Last Autumn DLC adds a third mode, The Builders which is analogous to The Last Autumn. A variety of maps are available, with more added in DLC.

Playing endless mode essentially has no storyline, unlike the standard Scenarios. Without a storyline there is no "victory condition" and gameplay does not end, but instead the main challenge is cyclical storms. The surrounding area is still explorable with the Scouting mechanic, but with randomly generated people and resources in each location, that get re-generated after each storm (due to the cover of the heavy snowfall, past locations are no longer visible). However, Outposts are not available in endless mode. Scouting in endless mode is also the only place where you can find collectible Relics.

Endurance Mode[ | ]

For survivalists. Scarce resources, bitter cold and frequent blizzards. Every day will be a struggle.

The blizzards in Endurance begin at 14 days, and every blizzard occurs 2 days faster than the one previous until they reach 8 days in frequency. At that point, the storms last 2 days each. The first storm is 2 days of -70°C; the second storm is 2 days of -80°C.


Temperature pattern for Hard, -30;-20;-40.

These are the three possible starting temperature patterns:

  • hard(2 -20°C days, 3 -50°C days): -30°C, D3: +1 -> -20°C, D5: -2 -> -40°C, D6: -1 -> -50°C, D7: +2 -> -30°C, D10: -1 -> -40°C, D11: -1 -> -50°C, D13: +1 -> -40°C
  • hard(4 -20°C days, 4 -50°C days): -20°C, D3: -1 -> -30°C, D5: -2 -> -50°C, D6: +1 -> -40°C, D7: +2 -> -20°C, D9: -2 -> -40°C, D11: -1 -> -50°C
  • easy(3 -20°C days, 2 -50°C days): -20°C, D4: -2 -> -40°C, D6: +1 -> -30°C; D8: -1 -> -40°C; D10: -1 -> -50°C; D12: +1 -> -40°C

In Endurance, you begin with 80 citizens, and the maximum non-automaton population in Endurance mode is 695.

Serenity Mode[ | ]

For constructors. Plenty of resources, mild weather, and short blizzards. Build the city how you see fit.

Serenity has blizzards that last for a day every 15 days.

These are the two possible starting temperature patterns:

  • normal(8 -20°C days, 6 -30°C or -40°C days): -20°C, D5: -1 -> -30°C, D6: +1 -> -20°C, D8, -1 -> -30°C, D11: +1 -> -20°C, D13: -1 -> -30°C, D14: -1 -> -40°C
  • easy(9 -20°C days, 5 -30°C or -40°C days): -20°C, D3: -1 -> -30°C, D4: +1 -> -20°C, D6: -1 -> -30°C, D7: +1 -> -20°C, D9: -1 -> -30°C, D10: +1 -> -20°C, D12: -1 -> -30°C, D14: -1 -> -40°C

In Serenity, you begin with 105 citizens as well as several Tier 0 and Tier 1 Technologies researched (mainly all basic resource building plus others). The maximum non-automaton population in Serenity mode is 790.

The Builders Mode[ | ]

For pioneers. No heating, no support, harsh weather incoming. Build the Generator and try to survive.

The Builders has blizzards every 12 days. The first 4 will last one day each, each subsequent blizzard will last 2 days. Temperature always starts at -20°C. Survivor shelters will only appear after day 50 although survivors can still be found earlier through exploration. Relics can appear after the 2nd storm (6 available before day 50).

In The Builders, you begin with 125 citizens as well as 4 Tents, a Medical Post, 5 Steel Ruins, 8 Wood Ruins and a Generator Ruin. The Generator is destroyed and must be rebuilt. Steam Hubs and Automaton upgrades are not available until the generator is finished. Progress on the current Generator stage is reset when a blizzard starts. Each construction stage can be rushed in a few hours and add a permanent malfunction to the Generator once constructed. Automatons can be constructed but will not function until the Generator is rebuilt.

List of possible malfunctions:

  • smaller generator heat zone (-25%)
  • smaller steam hub heat zones (-25%)
  • maximum of 2 steam hubs
  • half automaton work efficiency (limited to 45-48% with all upgrades)
  • generator stress rises twice as fast
  • permanent 25% generator stress (jumps from 23 to 28%)

This is the one of the possible starting temperature patterns:

  • normal(3 -20°C days): -20°C, D4: -1 -> -30°C, D5: -1 -> -40°C, D6, +1 -> -30°C, D9: -1 -> -40°C, D10: +1 -> -30°C

The Crags map has fewer ruins as there is not enough space for all of them to spawn. It also starts with only 115 citizens.

Maps[ | ]

Endless mode has eight different maps in which to build a city. Each map has 3 possible placement layouts for them. Each layout has the same amount of resource piles and deposits.

Canyon[ | ]

Generator 358 was built in a large crevasse sheltering it from bitter winds, but the area available for construction is limited. The city has to be planned around steam hubs, not just the central heat zone.

Small area. Canyon walls constrain expansion.

Canyon walls allow expansion only in two directions. A wood deposit is within 12 meter of the generator. There are 4 Wood Crates, 5 Steel Wreckage 6 Coal piles.

Crags[ | ]

Generator 049 was built in an alternate location, after rugged terrain and worsening weather made reaching the primary site impossible. The same rock formations that impeded the advance will now make city planning very difficult.

Large area. Jagged rocks hamper city planning.

Crag walls allow expansion only north in a large cone. Rock formations make city planning harder and allow only the first Generator range to be fully utilized and in The Builders mode there is only enough space for the most necessary construction buildings.

Crater[ | ]

A location typical for the later stages of planning and construction. The site for the Generator was chosen carefully to provide a relatively large open area around it with conveniently placed resources.

Medium area. Balanced.

A very balanced map and the easiest to play on. There are 4 Wood Crates, 3 Steel Wreckage 5 Coal piles.

Flats[ | ]

This Generator is surrounded by a very large flat area suitable for expansion, with supplies scattered all over the place. The distance to the resources might be a problem.

Very large area. Resources may be far away.

The largest available map, ideal for the largest cities. Half of the resource piles are far, making gathering posts require additional wood for roads. In addition. aside from a coal deposit all resource deposits are very far, which is not a problem for humans but requires Automatons to have a Steam Hub nearby to avoid long recharge times.

Hanging Rock[ | ]

A hanging rock protects the location of Generator 157 from the prevailing winds, while a gently sloping entrance grants easy access to Frostland.

Based on The Winterhome map. Medium area. Balanced.

A balanced and less difficult map.

Snowdrifts[ | ]

Before Generator 014 was finally put to use, snow and ice partially filled the area around it, limiting the available space.

Based on The Refugees map. Small area. Requires careful planning.

The smallest available map. The city will end up the smallest but with a few Steam Hubs the entire map can be heated.

Frozen Grove[ | ]

The place for Generator 614 was chosen because of its sheltered nature, which turns out to be less of a blessing for the city planner.

Based on The Arks map. Medium area. Frozen trees hinder expansion.

The Arks are not present on the map. A wood and a coal deposit are located within the last heating range of the generator, allowing them to be more easily heated but also taking up space from the Generator area.

Rifts[ | ]

Generator 266 was built on a rocky shelf near the former seashore. To grow the city, a way to cross the network of rifts will be needed.

Small initial area. Bridges needed for expansion. Difficult access to resources.

Added in The Rifts DLC, this map is the most difficult one. It has more resource piles than other maps but to reach them expensive bridges will have to be built. A wood and an iron deposit require only one bridge each to be accessed. Other deposits require multiple bridges to be reached. The first northern bridge starts already built. The last two heating zones of the Generator cannot be fully utilized.

The map is also unique in that it has two very rare variations: one that contains a shipwreck and one that contains an abandoned colony. Constructing a bridge to them will trigger a cutscene and add a new relic to the archives.

Events[ | ]

Endless mode has some Scenario-like Events associated with it

Pieces of the past[ | ]

This arc will allow you to build the Archives.

Quests[ | ]

There are a few quests associated with Endless mode.

Survive[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Granted at the start of the scenario and after surviving each storm.
  • Objectives:
    • Survive the storm

A piece of the past[ | ]

This event can trigger for each of the 15 relics you can find in the Frostlands.

Archives[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Will trigger once you bring a relic to your city.
  • Objectives:

Temporary Hazards[ | ]

Main article: Temporary Hazard

Temporary Hazards are random quests that occur in Endless mode, occurring between storms. They usually provide debilitating effects on the city for the duration of the time they are active. They can be enabled or disabled when selecting the difficulty of the scenario.

Settlements[ | ]

With On The Edge, three settlements can be found after the first Storm for trading via an Transport Depot. Settlements can be enabled or disabled when selecting the difficulty of the scenario.

Notes[ | ]

  • Once your city reaches more than 600 people, you will stop receiving Frostland locations with additional citizens. These locations are randomized when a storm passes, so if you want to continue to get more citizens, you need 600 citizens or less when a storm ends. In Serenity, you can gain 190 citizens per storm cycle (excluding Storm Shelters, which do not spawn close to the population cap). In Endurance, you can gain 95 citizens (25 children, 40 workers, 30 engineers) per storm cycle, except the very first one (from beginning to the first storm), when you can get 115 citizens (25 children, 50 workers, 40 engineers).
  • Steam Core supply is basically unlimited, although very luck dependent. There are many locations that need to be prioritized (see Scouting#Scout_locations_'Endless_Mode') in order to maximize Core income, since they can be distinguished by name and the Steam Core amount found in them is constant. You might find 3 or 4 such locations between two consecutive storms, but you may also find none. Scout expeditions are thus the only long-term Steam Core income here; all other resources and personnel (bar children) can be imported from settlements or produced locally.