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The Execution Platform is one of the Buildings in Frostpunk.

Execution Platform Background
Execution Platform
Execution Platform
A place for carrying out executions of those deemed public enemies.

Acquisition[ | ]

The Execution Platform is built automatically after passing New Faith (Law) or New Order (Law).

Description[ | ]

The Execution Platform is built around the Generator. Regardless of if you go Faith or Order, the Execution Platform will allow you to execute random citizens to drop discontent greatly. The execution platform uses hot steam siphoned from the generator to execute the citizen.

The platform's information panel keeps a list of all citizens executed as well as their crimes. For Faith, these crimes are religiously related, such as "heresy," "atheism," or "disseminating heretical ideas." For Order, these are related to authoritarianism, such as "mutiny," "treason," or "sowing discontent."

Abilities[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • The execution platform has different text based on which law you pass. If you pass New Order (Law), it will read "A place for carrying out executions of those deemed public enemies." If you pass New Faith (Law), it will read "A place for carrying out executions of those deemed enemies of the Faith."
  • If you cancel the construction of the Execution Platform as it is being built after passing the requisite law, you will not be able to rebuild it.