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Faith Keepers Background
Faith Keepers
Faith Keepers
Faith Keepers maintain order, lowering dicontent in the whole city. They can organize processions to reduce it fruther.
Size 5x2 or 3x3
Base Heating Level 2
Employees 10 Workers or Engineers
Working Hours 24h
Wood Wood 40
Steel Steel 40
Dismantle Value
Wood Wood 30
Steel Steel 30

Faith Keepers is one of the Buildings in Frostpunk.

Acquisition[ | ]

Faith Keepers is available after signing Faith Keepers (Law), then it can be built from Faith tab.

Description[ | ]

Faith Keepers are the security arm of the Faith tree, and are roughly equivalent to Guard Stations in their ability to counteract the negative effects of many decisions you make. There can only be one such building in the city.

Abilities[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

After building Faith Keepers, the option to use faith keepers to solve some random events will become available, which would usually lead to a better outcome than other options. These options are only available when the Faith Keepers are currently staffed.

Trivia[ | ]