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Gathering Post Background
Gathering Post
Gathering Post
People working here gather resources from nearby Coal Piles, Wood Crates and Steel Wreckage.
Size 3 x 2
Build time 1h 30m
Base Heating Level 1
Employees 10 Workers or Engineers or Children(safe jobs) or 1 Automaton
Working Hours 8:00 - 18:00
Wood Wood 15
Steel Steel 5
Dismantle Value
Wood Wood 12
Steel Steel 4

Gathering Post is one of the Buildings in Frostpunk. It is a more efficient and safe way of harvesting Resource piles in the early game.

Acquisition[ | ]

Gathering Post is available from the start, can be built from Resources tab.

Description[ | ]

The Gathering Post is a rickety shack that allows you keep workers relatively warm while they are scavenging and salvaging resources from nearby Wood Crates, Coal Pile, Steel Wreckage, Destroyed Steam Core Transports, Wooden Ruins, or Steel Ruins.

Place the gathering post next to resource piles (wood crates, coal pile, or steel wreckage) and staff it with people and they will gather from any piles within range. This is more efficient than harvesting the piles directly, as harvesting 3 resource piles at maximum efficiency would require a total of 45 people, while the gathering post only takes 10 and harvests faster. Another notable feature of the gathering post is that when collecting resources from a single source, the gathering post only takes 10 people as opposed to the 15 people required if the player was to manually assign a crew to the pile.

The gathering post is also safer, as people working there will use the insulation of the gathering post instead of the pile they're harvesting.

Gathering posts handle multiple resource piles by assigning individual workers to each resource pile. Each worker will be assigned to one resource pile, starting at the resource pile closest to the post and moving outward, and then repeating. This gives the player very limited control as to which piles are gathered from.

Statistics[ | ]

Below are the gathering speeds of a gathering post operating at 100% efficiency:

  • Coal: 14/hr (20.2/hr at max research)
  • Wood: 6/hr (7.8/hr at max research)
  • Steel: 3/hr (3.9/hr at max research)

Abilities[ | ]

Upgrades[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Due to the limited amount of resource piles, the gathering post's usefulness quickly disappears except for harvesting coal piles produced by a Coal Thumper. Most gathering posts that are created to gather from the pre-existing piles should be dismantled once the piles run out.
  • If you want to harvest a pile quickly, you can staff people in both the gathering post and the pile, or build multiple gathering posts in range.
  • Using a Gathering Post appears to be at least 25% more efficient than harvesting directly from the pile, but sometimes far more - possibly steel piles or harvesting from multiple piles at once increases it?

Trivia[ | ]