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Hope is a game mechanic in Frostpunk that must be monitored closely, as the game will be lost if Hope falls too low and remains at that level for too long. Hope reflects the confidence people have in terms of their chances of survival and the general improvement in city conditions. Hope is affected by Laws, and, to a lesser degree, Buildings, particularly Faith and Order buildings. The New Faith/New Order laws will maximize Hope permanently and help to remove all doubt in the Captain's leadership.

Modifiers that raise hope[ | ]

Permanent modifiers[ | ]

Temporary modifiers[ | ]

Modifiers that lower hope[ | ]

Temporary modifiers[ | ]

  • A child died
  • An adult died
  • Cleric beaten
  • Controversial law
  • Fall of Winterhome
  • Forceful Persuasion
  • People are frightened
  • Promise Broken
  • Storm is coming
  • The Generator is broken
  • Triage
  • Unpopular decision
  • Watchman beaten

Notes[ | ]

  • With the passing of New Order, hope becomes Obedience and is effectively removed as a game mechanic.
  • With the passing of New Faith, hope becomes Devotion and is effectively removed as a game mechanic.
  • The hope bonus from the Guard Station and Watchtower stack even though the Guard Station is an upgrade from the Watchtower.