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Labour Union
Labour Union (Law)
The interests of the working people will be represented by the Labour Union.
Buildings Labour Union
Abilities Food for Workers
Laws Workers Council (Law) & Collective Bargaining (Law)
Immediate Effects
Law Cooldown 48 hours

Labour Union is one of the laws from the Book of Laws in Frostpunk.

Description[ | ]

Build the Labour Union building to reduce the strike risk in all workplaces.

Path[ | ]

Book: Labour

Characteristics[ | ]


  • NEW SHIFT BUILDING: Labour Union
  • NEW ABILITY: Food for Workers (Labour Union)
    • every use will lower the strike risk by 2 at all workplaces
    • costs 100 food rations
    • can be used every day


  • you will have to build the Labour Union

Events[ | ]

There are events associated with this law.

One man, one vote[ | ]

Sir, the labour union you agreed to need representatives. But workers, if left to their own devices, will probably choose subversive activists to represent them. How shall we proceed?

You will have the following options:

  • Let them choose: Motivation will rise. Strike risk will rise for 2 days.
  • Rig the elections: Motivation will rise.
  • Let me choose: Discontent will rise.

Power to the people[ | ]

They will ask you to sign the Workers Council (Labour Law).

Several union representatives visit you to talk about involving the workers in the decision-making. "Trust us, people have plenty of ideas about how to do things better and safer", grins a wiry stoker, "though not always cheaper. Show us that you're willing to listen to us, and everyone will put their heart into work."

You will have the following options:

  • Let's not push it: Motivation will fall slightly.
  • It's a good idea: You will have 2 days to pass "Workers' Council".

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]