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The Londoners are a faction that arise in the scenario A New Home. They represent your first major challenge in the Scenario.


Upon discovering the fate of Winterhome, a significant proportion of New London's residents will form a new faction: the Londoners. Having been blinded by fear and despair, this group plans on making the voyage back to London in the hopes that it will prove more hospitable. They will actively attempt to recruit more of the population to join them by persuasion and demoralisation in the form of doomsday graffiti.

Additionally as time goes on, they may also attempt to steal supplies from the city stockpiles in preparation for their journey. To combat this, the Captain will be required to raise Hope in order to not only prevent the Londoners gaining more followers, but also to convince existing followers to abandon the group. Faith Keepers or Guards may also be used to counteract the Londoners' activities to reduce demoralisation and resource theft.


There are many ways to counter the Londoners in both Purpose Paths and even Path neutral ways


To stop the Londoners in New London, You must first Build Watchtowers that can be later upgraded to guard towers.

However as you keep advancing in the book of laws you will eventually sign a law unlocking the Prison, and then another branch of laws that unlock the Propaganda Center.

Eventually you will unlock the final law named New Order after you unlock both the Prison, and Propaganda Center in the book of laws.

Consequently signing the New Order law will cause the hope bar to be replaced with an obedience bar, but at the cost of a quarter of your people to die.

However discontent is not affected and still needs to be quelled at certain times


Free Speech[]

When Discontent is high enough, a Londoner will go and make a speech. There are a few options, but you need to let them make their speech, which will give them a moderate amount of members. However after letting them speak for 3 times in a row, the 4th time they do it, you can say "I've let you speak, now it is my turn". After this their membership will take a severe drop, making unifying your people far easier.