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Site 113 New Liverpool

Site 113, the genesis of New Liverpool

We crossed the rough northern seas to reach Site 113, where we are to build the greatest marvel of technology: a Generator. Your crew, lured by the promise of a steady job and eager to leave the work riots and bread queues behind, are somewhat taken aback by the desolate landscape surrounding the site. They were told not to ask for details... and there's no turning back now. There's no consensus why this contract has such a high priority, considering the deteriorating situation of the Empire, but your superiors are clear: this is the most important job of your life.

New Liverpool, also known as Site 113, is an island which is the main focus of "The Last Autumn" scenario.

Description[ | ]

The island was devoid of any human settlement prior to the Imperial Exploration Company using it as a site for building a first-of-its-kind Generator, but was rich in greenery before the Great Frost. It is remote and a steam boat required five weeks of travel from the port of Birmingham to reach it before the Great Frost.

History[ | ]

The island came under the control of the British Empire during an unknown point of time and was administered by the Imperial Exploration Company. It was chosen as the site of a secret project to build Generators, in order to battle the coming drastic drop in global temperatures, something that was obvious but no one in the government was willing to admit, and ensure the survival of humanity.

The Imperial Exploration Company sent a group of workers, who were eager to sign up due to the miserable living conditions back home, later possibly joined by assistant engineer Euphemia MacLachlan. None of the people were however told anything about the site, only that their job was to build a Generator. To set them up, they dug a hole in the ground near the shore, while leaving some supplies for them. The overall structure of the Generator seems to be as follows: A Source(It's not listed what it is)serves as the main way the Generator can ignite and begin operation; Structural Support beams beams are developed which keeps the building from collapsing underground and supports the main hulk of the Generator; Pressure Valves are installed which controls heat surges in the Source (hinting that it may be some kind of natural gas deposit or several of them.) Tower Pumps pour in Ocean water so that it can be boiled into steam when the Generator becomes active; The Core serves as the heart of the Generator that boils the water into steam and and where streams can be built that allow the steam to be tranferred to multiple areas in the city; This Core is held in place by two Structural Supports, which also support the Thermal Hulls; The Thermal Hulls protect the Core and reflect the temperature back which acts like a cooling system to prevent overheating.

After these structures are built, the Player will be asked if they want to completely upgrade the Generator or leave it as is. If the Player chooses to stay, then they will have to install 3 new technologies: A Heat Riser system which impoves the circulation of steam and expands the Generator's heat range, an Overdrive which acts as an emergency heat setting, and Heat Vents which adds additional heat transfer structures and raises the heating level of the Generator.