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WARNING: Spoilers. Do not read if you wish to play DLC blind or uncover the various endings yourself.

After the Great Storm has exposed an army warehouse, we are sent from New London to set up an outpost there. Times are changing, what will be our role in the coming thaw?

On The Edge is one of the scenarios in Frostpunk, unlocked after purchasing the On the Edge (Expansion). This scenario revolves around the events after A New Home, and involves contact with various settlements. With no Generator in the outpost, you have to find other ways to keep the people warm.

Initial Story[ | ]

After the Great Storm, an ancient Military Warehouse has been discovered, with a huge amount of steel and steam cores. Outpost 11 has been established by New London to collect these resources and deliver them in shipments in exchange for Raw Food (which cannot be gathered). Oddly, New London has sent you the children of your men on the first possible day (the day you build a Transport Depot), along with some clerks for your Administration (Building), which acts as communications. Your men unloading the Raw Food delivered the next day notice that there is less food than agreed on.... a sign of something stirring back home...

Gameplay[ | ]

You will have to manage relations and favour with other Settlements to trade Resources and request supplies in emergencies. Aid other settlements whilst keeping your own people content and full of hope.

Starting resources & units[ | ]

Difficulty Coal Wood Steel Steam Cores Raw Food Food Rations
Easy 120 60 30 0 60 0
Medium 60 30 10 0 40 0
Hard 30 20 10 0 30 0
Extreme 0 0 0 0 30 0
Workers Engineers Children Automatons
50 15 0 0

Scripted Events[ | ]

The scenario is split into three separate acts.

Act 1[ | ]

The first act covers Outpost 11's mistreatment and eventual split from New London.

Act 2[ | ]

The second act covers Outpost 11's relations with other settlements in the area.

Act 3[ | ]

The third act covers Outpost 11's decision to aid- or destroy- New London.

Quests[ | ]

Establish the operation[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Start of scenario
  • Objectives:
    • Rebuild the Transport Depot
    • Build the Outpost Administration
    • Clear the road to the Warehouse

Send the first shipment[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Completion of Establish the operation
  • Objectives:
    • Gather 100 Steel
    • Gather 2 Steam Cores
    • Send 100 Steel & 2 Steam Cores to New London
  • Time Limit: until day 7 18:00; triggers "Last chance to send the shipment" if not completed (24h to send, otherwise instant lose scenario)

Supplies for New London[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Completion of Send the first shipment
  • Objectives:
    • Send 100 Steel & 2 Steam Cores

Note that this quest is repeatable while New London remains in contact with you.

We need food[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Once New London only sends you raw food after sending 100 Steel & 2 Steam Cores
  • Objectives:
    • Establish a Trading Depot in Hot Springs
    • Form a Construction Team in the Transport Depot
    • Find a stable food source on Frostland

Hot Springs[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Completion of We need food
  • Objectives:
    • Ask Hot Springs for help

Confrontation[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Completion of We need food
  • Objectives:
    • Search Frostland for other settlements
    • Wait for New London's response
  • Time Limit: 19 days

Shipwreck Camp[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Scouting the Shipwreck Camp
  • Objectives:
    • Build a Trading Depot in Shipwreck Camp

Children's Mine[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Scouting the Children's Mine
  • Objectives:
    • Build a Trading Depot in Children's Mine

Decide the fate of New London[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Completion of Confrontation
  • Objectives:
    • Consult with Shipwreck Camp
    • Consult with Hot Springs
    • Consult with Children's Mine
    • Answer New London
  • Time Limit: 12 hours

Save New London[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Deciding to save New London
  • Objectives:
    • Send a shipment of Coal
    • Send workers
      • Send a shipment of building materials (Steel and Steam Cores)
    • Send a shipment of Food
  • Time Limit: 5 days

If your allies are loyal, then shortly after you accept this quest, they will send shipments of Coal, Workers, and Food, meaning you only need a shipment of steel and steam cores to finish the game.

Save the refugees from New London[ | ]

  • Acquisition: Deciding to let New London fall
  • Objectives:
    • Have 5 working Infirmaries
    • Build 20 additional Bunkhouses/houses
    • Gather 200 Food Rations
    • Keep all Bunkhouses/houses Cold or warmer
    • Have no homeless
  • Time Limit: 5 days

Endings[ | ]

The endings become possible once the "punitive expedition" from New London comes, however, once they arrive, it turns out that it isn't a punitive expedition at all, but instead people fleeing from New London. They say that disaster is going on at New London and the administration is doing nothing about it. Shortly after, you get a message from New London. They explain that something bad happened, and then a lot more bad stuff happened, so they tried to cover it up, so that's why you weren't informed about it. They beg you to save them. However, before you make that decision, you must first talk with your people, as well as the other settlements about what to do. Your people want to help New London, as they still have friends and family there. Hot Springs says that if you let them fall, you could conquer them and strength your settlement. However, if you decide to help New London, they might assimilate you into them and start the cycle over again. The Children's Mine says they want to help them, as the Children still have friends and family there, and that this world has seen enough death already. The Shipwreck Camp wants them to fall, as they grew too big and now nature is "chopping" them down. Once you have talked with everyone, you can answer New London's question: will you help them? Also, before you make that decision, they say they are sorry for how they treated you. Then afterwards. the decision of helping New London or not determines the ending you will receive.

Trivia[ | ]

If you somehow manage to last to day 40-45 without splitting from New London the temperature will cap at -60oC (More testing needed)