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On The Edge is the third and final paid expansion to Frostpunk. It was released on the 20th of August 2020.

Description[ | ]

On The Edge expands Frostpunk's universe by introducing brand new scenario along with game-changing mechanics and unique architecture, while broadening the game’s lore and narrative.

Taking place some time after A New Home, we are taken to the construction of Outpost 11, where an Army Warehouse has been discovered, with a huge amount of steel and steam cores. Outpost 11 has been established by New London to collect these resources and deliver them in shipments in exchange for Raw Food (which cannot be gathered). and involves contact with various settlements and also with no Generator in the settlement, means you have to find a way to keep the people warm,one of the very many sites designed to shelter humans in the coming times.

Gameplay[ | ]

On The Edge is extremely unique in terms of gameplay mechanics. Some of your first objectives are to build a Transport Depot and an Administration (Building) Center, which will be your lifeline as it allows other settlements to send and receive Resources from you. You will have to balance Favour and Relations with the four other settlements while keeping your people content and hopeful. Almost immediately, you will break from New London's punitive rule significantly altering the story line. Besides New London, there is one settlement (Hot Springs) which you rely on for food, 'Children's Mine' for coal, and 'Shipwreck Camp' for wood, with your Warehouse providing steel and steam cores. Each settlement can be upgraded and improved through your construction teams whom you send supplies with. The settlements go through tiers as you provide them with proper housing, medical care, and other aid. Upon reaching tier 3, the settlement will propose you build a safe route between you and them, which results in getting shipments of the associated resource every other day.

Trivia[ | ]

  • On The Edge was previously known as "Project TVADGYCGJR", which is a Vigenere cypher for "Reconquest" using the key "cryptii".
  • Being the final DLC of Frostpunk, several previous stories are tied to this one, including New London and the overworked convicts from 'The Last Autumn'.