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Order[ | ]

Order is currently one of the two purpose trees available, with the next one being Faith. Order is characterised by its militant style, with guards, large towers and loudspeakers. Its main aim is productivity and obedience, as opposed to Faith's spirituality and good intent. The order flag is a black, gear-like symbol on a red canvas. In general, Order is best suited for automaton runs (whereas Faith is best suited for runs based mostly on humans)

Main advantages vs. Faith[ | ]

High resource production via Foreman+Automaton combo[ | ]

The Foreman ability costs 10 Food Rations and in return boosts the chosen workplace's efficiency by 40% for a day. It affects Automatons, too, and as unrealistic as that may sound, as the 'tons will be able to use the full 24 hour effect of this ability. Note that Shrine is essentially an Agitator in disguise (both provide +20% efficiency). Still, it's 160% efficiency of Order vs 120% of Faith (and +140% for automatons vs nothing for Faith).

Discontent management[ | ]

Order provides the player with easy and intuitive discontent management through the use of Patrols and Prisons. The power of Order's discontent reduction capabilities gives the player more headroom for i.e. Emergency Shift usage. This becomes especially useful for New Order runs, as hope will no longer factor into survival of the city once the line has been crosssed.

Main disadvantages vs. Faith[ | ]

No Houses of Healing/Field Kitchens[ | ]

Field Kitchens and Houses of Healing are the two reasons why players prefer Faith in runs based on human workforce, since Houses of Healing allow for Workers to cure people including the Gravely Ill, and Field Kitchens have the ability to heat up nearby workplaces by one level. Both buildings have no counterpart in Order, although Houses of Healing get obsolete if you have enough Steam Cores and Engineers/Automatons for Infirmaries (with all relevant upgrades, people will get healed almost immediately anyway), and Field Kitchen is useless is the buildings are staffed by automatons anyway.

More complex Law layout[ | ]

Generally speaking, Faith has better Law layouts when compared to Order. To get Foreman, you need to sign 3 laws. To get Agitator later, you need to sign another 3 laws - 6 total. In Faith, getting House of Healing and Field Kitchens requires 4 laws total, including Shrine, which is available as a 2nd law (compared to Agitator as 4th). If you're need a quick boost of healing, heating and effectiveness - Faith will allow that. Order is more suited if you have spare resources and hope for the first couple of days the law buildup takes.

Less efficient Hope management[ | ]

The Hope management buildings/abilities for Order are the Propaganda Centre and the Watchtower/Guard Station with Patrol (Purpose Law) and Morning Gathering (Purpose Law), while Faith has the Temple and the Houses of Prayer, which almost nullify any Hope loss and allow you to get rid of Londoneers quickly. For this reason, it's harder overall to play a scenario without crossing the line with Order compared to Faith. Crossing the line and passing The New Order law is the only way to completely nullify hope as a factor.

The New Order[ | ]

The New Order, similarly to New Faith, is the final law of Order. Roughly 10-40 people will die when you sign it, and Hope will be replaced by Obedience. Obedience remains at a 100 % at all times, and the only way to get yourself overthrown is by raising the Discontent too much. A new building is erected automatically when the law is signed; the Execution Platform lets you quite literally fry and freeze a "Public Enemy" randomly picked from your male adult populace, and lower Discontent by a substantial margin. This allows for virtually limitless cruelty, as any rebellion will be quenched by a single execution. Signing this law should be a last resort for most players though, as it makes your ending bad instantly.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Execution platform kills people in a very cheap and efficient way by using scalding steam to burn and wet up the victim, then the victim freezes to death if he endured the previous burns.