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Outpost Depot Background
Outpost Depot
Outpost Depot
Allows us to assemble an outpost team, send it to establish a permanent resource outpost far away from the city and maintain a connection with it.
Size 8 x 3
Upgrade to Guarded Outpost Depot(special event in The Refugees scenario)
Wood Wood 25
Steel Steel 45
Dismantle Value
Wood Wood 19
Steel Steel 34

Outpost Depot is one of the Buildings in Frostpunk.

Acquisition[ | ]

Outpost Depot is available after finishing research Outpost Depot (Technology). Then it can be built from the Tech tab.

Description[ | ]

Create 1 Outpost Team: need 40 Wood, 20 Steel, 10 Workers.

The Outpost Depot will take 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The tower-like Outpost Depot is basically a giant revolving elevator track with multiple insulated gondolas attached to it that allow people to quickly exit and enter the crater in which the City lies. At the top of tower, near the edge of the crater wall, is where the cargo dock of Outpost Depot is located. Here Outpost Teams arrive and leave, bringing much needed supplies and resources for the city with them. There is also a large pole with a powerful, long range Signal Lamp attached to the Outpost Depot, which both function like a Beacon and a long range communicator, allowing Outpost Teams to easily find the entrance to the city, and to send messages using Morse Code.

The Outpost Depot allows you to set up Outpost Teams, which you can then send to resource-rich sites within the frozen wastes to create Outposts that will send a certain amount of valuable resources back to the City over a set period of time. An outpost might deliver 150 wood every 24 hours, or 800 coal from the same period - as such, they're quite helpful for passive resource collection, which frees up a lot of your workers for other tasks.

If the outpost depot is dismantled, the corresponding outpost team will become a team of worker attempting to travel back to city.

Scenario Outposts[ | ]

A New Home: Winterhome provides 150 Wood, Coal Mine provides 800 Coal, Fishing Village provides 100 Raw Food, Tesla City provides a Steam Core, and the Icebound Dreadnought provides 100 Steel.

The Arks: this scenario does not have any outposts

The Refugees: Frozen Forest provides 150 Wood, the Fishing Village provides 100 Raw Food and the Coal Mine provides 800 Coal.

The Fall of Winterhome: Coal Mine provides 800 Coal, Freshwater springs provides 100 Raw Food and the Iron Deposit provides 200 Steel, though the Iron Deposit can no longer be used as an outpost if you remove the automaton from the bridge

The Last Autumn: this scenario does not have any outposts

On The Edge: this scenario does not have any outposts

Abilities[ | ]


Upgrades[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Outpost Depots can only be build in pre-determined locations.
  • I've found a outpost in the city in The Rifts, after when I had ran out of coal. It is at the top most part at the map, next to the coal mine (which wasn't there then), and covered in snow exepct when something happend. It had Bunkhouses and a railway line/tunnel into a hill/mountain. The game said it was made before The Great Winter, but I don't remember when. Any help is welcome-2023-03-22-22:17

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