Patrol (Arc)

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Patrol is a series of events triggered by Patrol (Law) and its associated ability. The series may result in Patrol having a lesser effect.

An angry rant[edit | edit source]

Patrol - An Angry Rant.png

Shortly after using the patrol ability, this event will trigger.

Sir, our guards report that a man is giving an impassioned speech to a small crowd, accusing you of scheming to enslave us all.

"Our Captain is trying to keep you content, ignorant, and under control! Remember the New Poor Law? The workhouses? That's how we live now! We're supposed to work and be quiet! But it's not too late."

You have the following options:

  • Let him speak, it's his right: Discontent will rise
  • He's lying, chase him away: Hope will fall slightly

An indignant woman[edit | edit source]

Patrol - An Indignant Woman3.png

Regardless of your decision in the first event, this event will trigger next.

Sir, our guards have reported this woman for attacking them on patrol. She was cursing them and hitting them with her fists when they brought her in.

"I would've come by myself!" the woman says. "These swine have been pestering me day in, day out, and I'm sick of it! They say they need to check if everything's in order, but it's just an excuse for them to make advances!"

You have three options:

  • Punish her: discontent will fall.
  • Reprimand the guards: Hope will rise slightly.
  • Skip this district on patrol: Hope will rise. Using the patrol will have less effect.