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Strategically placed loudspeakers will remind our employees of the importance of their work and increase their motivation.
Buildings Agitator
Laws Official Doctrine
Immediate Effects
Law Cooldown 18 hours

Propaganda is is one of the laws from the Book of Laws in Frostpunk.

Description[ | ]

Agitators shall be built.

Path[ | ]

Book: Labour

Characteristics[ | ]


  • NEW BUILDING: Agitator
  • significantly increases motivation of workers in nearby workplaces


  • you will have to build 2 Agitators

Events[ | ]

There are events associated with this law.

Hurt by words[ | ]

Sir, engineers are worried that certain messages broadcasted by the agitators undermine their authority. They take issue with slogans meant to boost workers' resolve and motivation, such as "Worker, show the engineers what you're made of" or "Engineers said it couldn't be done-prove them wrong!"

You will have the following options:

  • Leave the slogans: Discontent will rise.
  • Cut the slogans: Motivation will fall.

Graffiti[ | ]

Someone defaced an agitator "Worker you are being used. Don't fall for the lies." Although there's no way to tell for sure who did it, everyone whispers that this can be the work of an engineer.

You will have the following options:

  • Have it cleaned up: Motivation will fall slightly.
  • Have engineers clean it up: Discontent will rise slightly.

Notes[ | ]

  • Due to a bug, agitators currently do not function in The Last Autumn.

(If anyone knows if the bug has been fixed, please remover these sentences)

Trivia[ | ]