Propaganda Centre (Arc)

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The Propaganda Centre series of events that triggers after the passage of Propaganda Centre (Law) and the building of the Propaganda Centre. This series will always result in at least one death.

Poet's Suicide[edit | edit source]

Propaganda Center - Poets Suicide.png

This event will trigger shortly after you build your Propaganda Centre, and will include the death of a citizen.

Sir, one of our people has committed suicide. In his spare time, he wrote poems about loss, suffering, and the death of hope. Our Propaganda Centre waged a campaign against him to protect our people from his influence. Now people might blame us for his suicide. Unless... we make it look like he drank himself to death.

You have two options:

  • Do it - and burn his poems: Discontent will rise
  • Stay away from it: Hope will fall

Act of vandalism[edit | edit source]

Propaganda Center - Act of vandalism.png

This event will trigger shortly after Poet's suicide regardless of your previous decision.

A loyal citizen has reported that he saw a group of young people vandalising the Propaganda Centre. They wrote "WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!" in big letters on the outer wall. What should we do?

You have two options:

  • Punish the guilty: Discontent will fall. People may get hurt.
  • Remove the writing: Hope will rise.

Grim News[edit | edit source]

Propaganda Center - Grim News.png

This event will trigger shortly after Act of vandalism regardless of your previous decision. About 70% of your workers at a location will die.

Sir, there's been a terrible accident in one of our industrial facilities! Almost an entire team of workers has been killed. Should we cover it up and tell people that they went on an urgent expedition?

You have two options:

  • Yes, it's better for us all: The accident will be covered up.
  • No, tell the truth: Hope will fall.

Note that you can prevent the deaths from this event by removing all workers from the workplace where this triggers before clicking on the event. No deaths will occur if the event times out.