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Icon Prosthetics

Prostheses is one of the Resources in Frostpunk.

Description[ | ]

Prostheses are mechanical limbs that enable amputees to rejoin the workforce. They can only be produced after the Prosthetics law is introduced and Factory plans are researched/acquired. A Factory must then be built, manned and a production quota set to begin production. Initially costing 10 steel each and taking about 1 hour to produce, prosthetics research can reduce the cost to 5 steel and reduce the build time.

In The Last Autumn scenario, if you pass Prostheses Shipments you can order prostheses from the Telegraph Station. Each prostheses costs 3 Logistical Capacity.

Notes[ | ]

After prostheses have been produced they are added to city inventory and factories are no longer involved (and can even be dismantled).

Prostheses are fitted at any of the three medical facilities. While this process does not use or require medical beds, only one amputee per facility can be treated at a time. While fitting is quite fast (less than an hour), amputees have to physically walk to the facilities, which can take a very long time if they are far. Having multiple manned medical facilities and building Care Houses nearby can significantly speed up the process of fitting multiple amputees.

Prosthetics were widely used in Tesla City,