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Prostheses Shipments
Prostheses Shipments
We will return to our amputees the ability to work by ordering prostheses for them.
Laws Care House
Laws Medical Repatriation
Immediate Effects
Law Cooldown 1d 21 hours

Prostheses Shipments is is one of the laws from the Book of Laws in Frostpunk.

Description[ | ]

We can order prostheses from London to allow amputees to work again.

Path[ | ]

Book: Administration

Characteristics[ | ]


  • NEW RESOURCE: prostheses ordered through the Telegraph Station
  • amputees fitted with prostheses in medical facilities will be able to work again


Events[ | ]

Back in business[ | ]

This event triggers after receiving enough Prostheses to the amputees.

A beaming worker approaches you, walking stiffly on a newly fitted prosthesis you had shipped from the homeland for him. "I just wanted to thank you. I slowly going mad, working in the Care House for half pay. Now I'm back in business!"

You only have one option:

  • I'm glad to hear that: Motivation rises slightly

Notes[ | ]

Prosthesis cost 3 points to order

Trivia[ | ]