Protector of the Truth (Arc)

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Protector of the Truth is an event arc that triggers after the passage of Protector of the Truth (Law). It will results in a death and may result in Captain's Words having a lesser effect.

Silent protest[edit | edit source]

Protector of the Truth - Silent protest.png

The arc begins with a death and this event.

Sir, a man has thrown himself into the Generator. His widow is here she said she's looking for answers, trying to make sense of it.

"He was a quiet man. Never said anything against you, Captain. But now some people claim that he did it to protest your... religious reforms. The priests say that he wanted to show his devotion to you. I don't know what to believe. Why did he do it? You're Protector of the Truth... you should know."

You have the following options:

  • I don't know
  • The clerics are right: Discontent will fall slightly

Doubter[edit | edit source]

Protector of the Truth - Doubter.png

Regardless of your decision in the last event, this event will trigger.

Captain, a group of believers is here. They've brought a man who dared to ask questions after your words were delivered to the faithful last night. Their belief in the Captain's word is absolute!

What shall we do with him?

You have the following options:

  • Release him - my words need no defenders: Hope will rise slightly
  • Teach him a lesson - the truth must be defended: This man will be hurt. Discontent will fall

The Captain's Voice[edit | edit source]

Protector of the Truth - The Captain's Voice.png

This event will trigger last.

Sir, our people are fighting A crowd of believers gathered in the street to discuss the new law, and they soon came to blows.

"Our Captain is the voice of truth! How can you doubt that for a second?" cries an outraged woman. A burly worker answers her solemnly, "He's our leader, but a man all the same, and he can err like anyone else. Our faith needs no prophets." How should we resolve this?

You have the following options:

  • I'm not infallible: Using the Captain's Voice will have 50% less effect. Hope will rise
  • My voice is law in this city: Faith Keepers will disperse the crowd. People may get hurt

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If your Faith Keepers are protesting during "The Captain's Voice", which would prevent you from selecting the second option, you can ignore this quest to prevent your Captain's Voice from losing it's effect.
  • While the ability is called "Captain's Voice" in these events, the ability in question is named "Captain's Words."