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Public Penance is a series of events that will trigger after you pass Public Penance (Law).

Choice or duty?[]

Public Penance - Choice or duty.png

This event will trigger shortly after you use the Public Penance ability.

Sir, a group of preachers is here to talk to you about the Public Penance law you signed. They think it goes too far.

"We all agree that penance should be a choice, not a duty. You can't force people towards the truth. It must grow freely in their hearts."

You'll have the following options:

  • I know what's right: discontent will fall.
  • I will consider their words: hope will rise.

The list[]

Public Penance - The list.png

Regardless of your decision in the first event, the same event will trigger.

Sir, a man has brought us a long list of names titled "A Register of Infidels, Buggers, Seducers, Strumpets, Other Wrong-doers". He swore on his soul that his information is accurate and that all he wants is for them to repent and see the truth.

You'll have the following options:

  • These people shall repent: Discontent will fall. Hope will fall.
  • Ignore this man

Note: This will have slightly different text during the Londoners.

Grumpy old man[]

Public Penance - Grumpy old man.png

Regardless of your decision in the last event, this event will trigger next.

Sir, a crowd has dragged an old man from his house. They are going to force him to submit to the Public Penance. "Repent, you wretch!" someone shouts. "Maybe this will teach you to keep your foul mug shut!" This man is known for his sharp tongue, but we have no reason to doubt his piety and loyalty.

You'll have the following options:

  • Disperse the crowd: discontent will rise slightly.
  • I trust my people: discontent will fall slightly. He might get hurt.