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Radical Treatment is a series of events that trigger after the passing of Radical Treatment (Law).

First amputation[]

Radical Treatment - First amputation.png

You will be reminded of the first amputation from Radical treatment in the city.

To save this patient's life, we had to perform an amputation. As a result, this person won't be able to work.

Your options will be:

  • We must do something about it: Consider signing the Care house or the Prosthetics law.
  • I see

Note that these options could possibly change if Prosthetics (Law) is already passed.

A frightened patient[]

Radical Treatment - A frightened patient.png

The series begins when you have a gravely ill person who may need an amputation.

One of our people is facing death, but he's still refusing amputation. He keeps screaming that he doesn't want anyone to touch his leg and he won't change his mind, even though gangrene will kill him in a matter of hours.

You're presented with the following options:

  • Cut off his leg: This person will be left as an amputee.
  • Let him be: This person will probably die.

An amputee's suicide[]

Radical Treatment - An amputee's suicide.png

The amputee may commit suicide, however this event doesn't always trigger. It has a chance to occur if you do not have the prosthetics law signed after First amputation.

The man whose leg you ordered amputated has committed suicide. He left a note: "I can't live like this, unable to work and without purpose. I don't want to be a burden, just another mouth to feed."

You have the following options:

  • We did what we could: Discontent will rise. Hope will fall.
  • We must do something about it: You'll have to sign the Prosthetics law within 5 days.

Painful death[]

Radical Treatment - Painful death.png

If you chose to "Let him be" then the next event to trigger will be "Painful death."

The patient who refused amputation has just died of gangrene. We did our best to ease his pain, but he suffered terribly in the end.

The person will die and you'll have the following options:

  • It was his choice: Discontent will rise slightly.
  • We must make sacrifices to survive: Hope will fall slightly.