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Righteous Denunciation is a series of events that trigger after the passing of Righteous Denunciation (Law).

A lying child[]

Righteous Denunciation - A lying child.png

The first event will trigger shortly after the passing of the law.

Sir, a girl is asking to speak to you. She's crying and repeating that her mother is innocent.

"I lied! I lied to the priest. I'm so sorry... I told him that my mum said you're a damned fool and will burn in hell, but I was just mad at her. I made it all up. Please don't punish her!"

You'll have two options:

  • Go, and don't do this again: hope will rise.
  • This child must be lying: her mother will be punished. Discontent will fall slightly

Accused priest[]

Righteous Denunciation - Accused priest.png

Regardless of the choice of the previous event, this event will trigger.

Sir, a woman is here to see you. She claims she has evidence against one of our priests. Our man in turn accuses her of heresy.

"You're my only hope, sir!" cries the woman. "When I went to denounce this wretch, his colleagues kicked me out. He's forging denunciations to get back at those who cross him." "She's lying!" the priest shouts. "She's a heretic, and all heretics lie!"

You'll have two options:

  • Side with the woman: discontent will rise.
  • Side with the priest: hope will fall.