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Scouting is one of the Game Mechanics in Frostpunk. See Scouts for the Class type.


Upon creating a Beacon, the player can send scouts out into Frostland to various locations. Scouting is an integral part of the game, and is one of the most efficient ways to gather Wood, Coal, Steel, Raw Food, and Food Rations. Scouting is also the primary and often the only way to gather Steam Cores. Scouts combine with Outpost Depots for a much greater effect.

Scouting also serves as a way to advance the storyline in most of the Scenarios. A scouting party costs 40 Wood and 5 Workers.

In The Last Autumn (Expansion) Scouting and Outposts are replaced by Foraging. Foragers can explore the Frostland just as Scouts would or from certain sites collect food for a specific number of days similar to Outposts. A Foraging Team costs 20 Wood, 10 Steel, and 15 Workers.

In On The Edge a new unit called Construction Team is featured. It costs 50 Wood, 50 Steel, and 10 Workers


The following technologies improve scouting:


Utilizing the following strategies can increase the effectiveness of your scouts:

  • Scouts travel faster to known locations. If a scout is being sent after returning to your city, it's often faster to send them to the nearest known location first.
  • Outpost Teams travel faster than scouts. If you have an outpost team available, you can send them along with your scouts to make locations known, even if the Outpost Team itself cannot search the location. Once the Outpost Team finds the location, resend the scout to the location to cut down the amount of time it takes for your scouts to travel.
  • Some locations trigger dilemmas that can cause you to lose a scouting party, such as Tesla City. The loss of your party is random, so you can save your game before searching the location and reload your game if your party ends up dying on the first attempt. This is known as "save scumming" and is sometimes considered cheating.

Speed Comparison[]

The time needed per group to travel the same distance is shown in the Table below. Reference is the distance traveled by unupgraded scouts in one hour.

Unupgraded Lighter Scout Sleeds/Faster Outpost Teams Boosted Scout Sleeds
Outpost Team 15min 10min
Scouts 60min (30) 45min (22.5) 30min (15)
Automaton Scouts 48min (24) 36min (18) 24min (12)
Construction Team 32.5min
People coming to the City 80min

Scouts and Automaton Scouts only need half the time when traveling to known locations. Outpost Teams do not benefit from this.

Sending Scouts from the City to retrieve people on their way to the City will cut their travel time to roughly half. (~65%/54%/~41%)

Scout locations 'A New Home'[]

Location Exploration Choice [Rewards (Approximate Amount)] Reveals
New London Starting Location Crash Site, Gloomy Cave, or Observatory
Crash Site Wood (170), Raw Food (40) Gloomy Cave or Observatory?
Gloomy Cave Attack [Risk (Scouting Team) *save scum-able, Children (3-4), Engineers (18-19), Workers (12)] or Leave [?] Crash Site? or Observatory?
Observatory Escort [Children (3-4), Engineers (18-19), Workers (11-12)], Send [?], or Leave [?] Crash Site? or Gloomy Cave?
Lost Expedition Escort [Children (3-4), Engineers (9-10), Workers (22)], Send [?], or Leave [?] (Observatory, Crash Site?, or Gloomy Cave?), Sturdy Shelter
Sturdy Shelter Food Rations (100), Wood (250), Steam Cores (1) Steel Bridge
Steel Bridge Send [Automaton (1)] or Dismantle [Steel (92), Steam Cores (2)] Large Convoy, Weather Station
Large Convoy Escort [Engineers (18-19), Workers (26-27)], Send [?], or Leave [?]
Weather Station Coal (90), Steam Cores (1) Winterhome, Coal Mine
Coal Mine Leave intact [Coal (265), Outpost (800 Coal/day)] or Dismantle [Coal (265), (Wood (207), Steel (196), Steam Cores (2)]
Winterhome Steam Cores (2), Outpost (150 Wood/day), Unlock Order/Faith Snow Cliff, American Camp
Snow Cliff Food Rations (100), Wood (65), Steam Cores (1) Shrouded Cave, Freshwater Springs
Shrouded Cave Escort [Children (34)], Send [?], or Leave [?]
Freshwater Springs Escort [Children (7), Workers (22)], Send [?], or Leave [?] Frozen Grove
Frozen Grove Wood (250)
American Camp Steel (58), Steam Cores (1) Temporary Settlement
Temporary Settlement Wood (216), Steam Cores (1) Walled Colony, Fishing Village
Walled Colony Escort [Children (7), Engineers (18-19), Workers (35-36)], Leave [?], or Rob [Wood (119), Steel (108), ?]; name changes to Exile Colony
Fishing Village Leave intact [Steam Core (2), Outpost (100 Raw Food/day)] or Dismantle [Wood (280), Steam Cores (2)] Tesla City
Tesla City Risk [Risks (Scouting Team) *save scum-able, Outpost (1 Steam Core/day)], or Stay Away [?] Dreadnought Landing
Dreadnought Landing Steel (105), Wood (135), Steam Cores (1) Research Station, Ice Corridor
Research Station Steel (55), Wood (165), Steam Cores (2) Cave Hideout
Cave Hideout Talk [Workers (35)] or Attack (?); name changes to Tesla's Grave Frozen Pond, Ruined Warehouse or Supply Depot
Frozen Pond — (nothing)
Ruined Warehouse Wood (207), Raw Food (53)
Supply Depot Wood (245), Raw Food (45)
Ice Corridor — (nothing) Icebound Dreadnought
Icebound Dreadnought Steel (105), Wood (245), Steam Core (2), Outpost (100 Steel/day) Snow-Covered Supplies
Snow-Covered Supplies Raw Food (55) Stone Ship, Wrecked Vehicle
Stone Ship — (nothing)
Wrecked Vehicle Coal (130), Steel (85) Damaged Snowcat
Damaged Snowcat Steel (105)
Abandoned Sawmill Wood (250) Snow-Covered Supplies, Stone Ship
Ice Crevasse Survivors (Workers (12), Children (7)) Camp Vulcan
Deep Hollow Survivors (Workers (11), Children (7)) Camp Compass
Snow Burrows Survivors (Workers (12), Children (7)) Camp Meteor
Camp Vulcan Survivors [Engineers (19), Risk (Survivors?)] Jagged Rocks
Camp Meteor — (nothing) Large Crater, Scattered Convoy
Large Crater Free Technology
Scattered Convoy — (nothing)
Jagged Rocks Free Technology Nansen's Storm Watch
Nansen's Storm Watch Free Technology
Camp Compass Survivors (Engineers (18)) Fortified Hut, Ice Caves
Ice Caves — (nothing)
Fortified Hut Free Technology


Locations listed under Walled Colony (Exile Colony) may vary by difficulty level and/or be partially randomized. Confirmed the different of the location of Fishing Village changing from being revealed by Tesla City on one playthrough at Normal difficulty and Fishing Village actually revealing Tesla City on another playthrough at Hard difficulty. On the same two playthroughs, the the location of Ruined Warehouse was replaced with Supply Depot and Damaged Snowcat replaced Snow-Covered Supplies, which appeared further south and west. Most locations, however, appear to remain the same.

Take the "Reveals" column as a loose example. The map seems to be somewhat randomized with each new game, with scouting one location revealing one (or more) from a set of possibilities as opposed to a fixed progression. Similarly, the "Free Technology" list below is likely randomized, with a recent playthrough giving "Generator Safety Bypass" at the Large Crater, not the Jagged Rocks.

Free Technology[]

  • Boosted Scouts - Large Crater
  • Generator Safety Bypass - Jagged Rocks
  • Advanced Coal Mine - Nansen's Storm Watch
  • House Insulation - Fortified Hut

Scout locations 'The Arks'[]

Location Rewards Discovers
Legacy Your City
Abandoned Supplies Steel (28), Steam Cores (1) Broken Automaton, Icefall Mine/Mountainside Cave
Broken Automaton Automaton (1) Lost Dreadnought, Icefall Mine/Industrial Ruins
Icefall Mine Coal (201), Steel (88)
Industrial Ruins Coal (204), Steel (126)
Lost Dreadnought Coal (50), Steel (100), Wood (100), Steam Cores (3), Factory technology Broken Tree, Loan Boulder, (quest: misty valley, industrial ruins)
Lone Boulder — (nothing) Mountainside Cave
Cracked Ice — (nothing) Snowbound Dreadnought, Ruined Warehouse
Rock Formation — (nothing) Empty Shelter, Steam Lorry
Empty Shelter — (nothing) Isolated Shelter, Abandoned Sawmill
Mountainside Cave Wood (165), Raw Food (45)
Abandoned Sawmill Wood (193)
Misty Valley Steel (73), Coal (116) Cracked ICe
South Pass Wood (110) Stone Ship, Cracked Ice
Frozen Pond — (nothing) Snowbound Dreadnought
Stone Ship — (nothing) Discarded Equipment
Broken Tree — (nothing) Snow Crawler, Snow Covered Supplies
Snow Covered Supplies Raw Food (40)
Snow Crawler Steam Cores (3)
Snowbound Dreadnought Coal (171), Steel (128), Steam Cores (3)
Ruined Warehouse Raw Food (55), Wood (132)
Discarded Equipment Steel (129), Steam Cores (3)
Snowy Hill — (nothing) Isolated Shelter, Steam Lorry
Steam Lorry Steel (130), Steam Cores (3)
Isolated Shelter Raw Food (43), Steam Cores (3)
Research Outpost Coal (170), Steam Cores (3)
Expedition Camp Wood (110) Broken Vehicle
Broken Vehicle Steam Cores (1) Observation Tower, Snow-covered Supplies
Damaged Snowcat Steel (125)
Observation Tower Wood (134) New Manchester, Barren Hallow
New Manchester Quest objective
Barren Hollow — (nothing) Manchester Dreadnought, Wrecked Vehicle
Supply Depot Wood (171), Raw food (31)
Snow Dune — (nothing) Research Outpost, Supply Trailer
Wrecked Vehicle Coal (139), Steel (97)
Manchester Dreadnought Steel (120), Steam Cores (3)
Lone Boulder — (nothing) Industrial Ruins

Information gathered from personal playthrough. Values may vary very slightly for each player.

Scout locations 'The Refugees'[]

Location Rewards Discovers
Sanctuary Your City
Abandoned Camp Wood (49), Steel (23). (30),(18) for extreme difficulty. Hanged Man Hill, Lone Boulder / Snow Dune / Rock Formation / Barren Hollow / Empty Shelter
Hanged Man Hill Bury the man OR bury the man +1 Steam Core (curse) 2 of 5: Empty Shelter / Abandoned Sawmill / frozen pond / research outpost / Lone Boulder
Lone Boulder — (nothing) Old Storehouse, Research Outpost
Snow Dune — (nothing) Fishing Boat, Aircraft Wreck / Canning Workshop, Snowcat
Empty Shelter — (nothing) 2 of 5: Frozen Forest / Iron Bank / Damaged Snowcat / Snow-covered Supplies / Supply Depot / Old Storehouse
Abandoned Sawmill Wood (177-207)
Frozen Pond — (nothing) Frozen Forest, Iron Bank
Research Outpost Coal (305), Steam Core (2) Snowcat, Wrecked Vehicle
Old Storehouse Raw Food (64), Wood (118) Fishing Village, Fishing Boat
Fishing Boat Steel (55), Raw Food (53) Canning Workshop, Fishing Village
Aircraft Wreck Coal (352), Steel (70), Steam Cores (2)
Frozen Forest Wood (121-139) ,Outpost (200 Wood / 2 days)
Iron Bank Leave the treasure intact OR Steel (86), Steam Cores (2) Rockslide
Barren Hollow — (nothing) Canning Workshop, Snowcat
Canning Workshop Food Rations (500), Steel (45), Raw Food (36) Fishing Boat, Fishing Village
Snowcat Steel (70), Steam Cores (2) Supply Depot, Abandoned Sawmill
Fishing Village Raw Food (28) Outpost (100 Raw Food/day)
Supply Depot Wood (169-171), Raw Food (53-64) Snowcat, Damaged Snowcat
Rockslide Steel (87), Steam Cores (2)
White Pass Workers (37), Engineers (10) Rock Formation
Trail Bend Engineers (5), Children (15) Abandoned Sawmill
Ruined Warehouse Wood (136), Raw Food (64)
Black Spire Workers (38)
Damaged Snowcat Steel (86) Steam Lorry, Wrecked Vehicle
Snow-covered Supplies Raw Food (65-80)
Wrecked Vehicle Steel (64), Coal (248)
Radio Mast Steel (71), Steam Cores (2) Red Flag Camp, Stone Ship
Stone Ship — (nothing) Aircraft Wreck, Steam Lorry
Red Flag Camp Honour Their Request (25 Workers, 15 Engineers, (!)) OR Save them against their will (25 Workers, 15 Engineers)
Coal Mine Take stored coal: Coal (821-940) Outpost (800 Coal/day) OR Dismantle: Wood (85), Coal (940), Steam Cores (1)
Steam Lorry Steel (96), Steam Cores (2)
Landing Site Wood (236) Ocean Liner, Icebound Hulks
Ocean Liner Coal (407), Steam Cores (4)
Icebound Hulks Steel (94)
Windswept Snowfield — (nothing) Abandoned Sawmill, Snowbound Dreadnought
Cracked Ice — (nothing) Research Outpost, Wrecked Vehicle
Snowy Hill — (nothing) Frozen Forest, Iron Bank

Information gathered from personal playthrough. Values may vary very slightly for each player.

Scout locations 'The Fall of Winterhome'[]

Location Rewards Discovers
Winterhome Your City
Coal Mine Possible Outpost (800 Coal/day)
Dreadnought Food Rations (40), Quest objective Cracked Ice
Snow Dune — (nothing) Rusting Hulk
Rusting Hulk Steel (165), Steam Cores (1)
Snow Cliff Steam Cores(1) Frozen Pond / Barren Hollow, Freshwater Spring
Weather Station Bring back engineers (Engineers (20), no more weather forcast) OR leave them there (weather forcast) Lone Boulder
Lone Boulder — (nothing) Steel Bridge
Steel Bridge Bring back automaton (Automaton (1), no more outpost at Iron Deposit) OR leave it there (possible outpost at Iron Deposit) Barren Hallow, Iron Deposit
Iron Deposit Steel (206), possible Outpost (200 Steel/day) (if Automaton is still at Steel Bridge)
Barren Hallow — (nothing) Storm Shelter
Storm Shelter Bring back engineers (Engineers (20)) OR leave them there (discover a new city later)
Frozen Pond — (nothing) Shrouded Cave
Shrouded Cave Raw Food (115)
Freshwater Springs Raw Food (115) Outpost (100 Raw Food/day) Rock Formation
Rock Formation — (nothing) Frozen Forest
Frozen Forest Wood (344)
Cracked Ice — (nothing) The Last Camp
The Last Camp Steel (165), Steam Cores (1) Mighty Wreck
Mighty Wreck Steel (204), Steam Cores (1) Stone Ship, Broken Tree / Windswept Snowfield, Snowy Hill
Stone Ship — (nothing) Snowy Hill
Snowy Hill — (nothing) Abandoned Trailer
Abandoned Trailer Only take what's save to reach (Steel (204), Steam Cores (1)) OR take everything (50% chance Steel (394), Steam Cores (2), 50% chance lose scout) OR leave intact.
Broken Tree — (nothing) Mass Grave
Mass Grave Steam Cores (2)
Windswept Snowfield — (nothing) Rock Formation


You need to send your scout to visit engineers at Storm Shelter after day 25 to get the event of a new city.

Forager (Scout) locations 'The Last Autumn'[]

Location Rewards Discovers
Site 113 Your City
Reindeer Tracks — (nothing) Hunting Grounds, Nesting Place
Hunting Grounds Raw Food (80) / 5 Days Small Waterfall
Small Waterfall — (nothing) The Rapids, Rock Arch
Rock Arch — (nothing) Closed Tavern
Closed Tavern Food Rations (74) Three Graves
Three Graves — (nothing) Storehouse, Railroad Tracks
Storehouse Steam Cores (2) (Possibly lose Foragers) OR Nothing
Railroad Tracks — (nothing) Trapper's Cabin, Train Station
Trapper's Cabin Food Rations (38)
Train Station — (nothing) Icy Plateau, Crève-neige
Crève-neige Steel Composites (5), Steam Cores (2) Freight Terminal
Freight Terminal Food Rations (140) (Possibly lose Foragers) OR Nothing
Icy Plateau — (nothing)
The Rapids — (nothing) Mountain Lake
Mountain Lake Raw Food (80) / 9 Days Mountain Pass
Mountain Pass — (nothing) Avalanche Field
Avalanche Field — (nothing) Herd of Reindeer, Rusting Rails
Herd of Reindeer Raw Food (80) / 9 Days
Rusting Rails — (nothing) Closed Tavern
Nesting Place — (nothing) Lake Full of Fish, Bald Hill
Lake Full of Fish Raw Food (80) / 9 Days
Bald Hill — (nothing) Lost Crates
Lost Crates Steel Composites (10), Steam Exchangers (20) Cargo Convoy
Cargo Convoy Return Crates from Lost Crates or Keep Resources
Nature Sculpture Nothing Field Kitchen
Field Kitchen Nothing Site 107
Site 107 Engineers (12), Structural Profiles (10), Steam Core (1), Steam Exchangers (5)
Worker's Camp Workers (50) Collapsed Mine
Collapsed Mine — (nothing) Site 120
Site 120 Structural Profiles (10) Snowy Hills
Snowy Hills Steel (150), Wood (230)
Polar bear cave — (nothing) (this location is discovered at the start of day 45)

Scouts & Construction Teams locations 'On The Edge'[]

Location Rewards Discovers
Outpost 11 Your City
New London (Settlement) Home City
Remnants of a building 13~14 Steel, 16 Wood Forgotten Fishery, Nansen's Storm Watch
Collapsed Building 16 Wood Stone Wall
Frozen Den — (nothing) Crumbling Hut, Natural Terrace
Stone Wall 58~59 Steel, 68~69 Wood
Crumbling Hut Survivors (11 Engineers, 21~22 Workers)
Forgotten Fishery 17 Wood, 9 Food Observatory Ruins
Nansen's Storm Watch Survivors (9 Engineers, 22 Workers) Windy Beach
Observatory Ruins 14 Steel, 16 Wood Goods Station (mid game)
Windy Beach — (nothing) Tesla City, Shattered Dreadnought
Tesla City 49 Steel, 57~58 Wood, 45~46 Food Rations. Chance to lose team Mirror Lake
Shattered Dreadnought 26~27 Steel, 30~32 Wood
Mirror Lake — (nothing) Victims Colony
Natural Terrace — (nothing) Secluded Valley
Secluded Valley 17 Wood Hot Springs
Hot Springs 38 Raw Food, Trading Post (Food)
Goods Station 16~17 Raw Food, 24~25 Food Rations Isolated Camp
Victims Colony Chance to get Survivors (27 Workers)
Isolated Camp — (nothing) Deep Fracture
Deep Fracture — (nothing) Snow Rover
Snow Rover 14 Steel Trailer Wreck
Trailer Wreck 25~26 Steel
Ice Caverns 13 Food Rations, 16 Wood Station Ruins
Station Ruins 16 Wood, 14 Steel Winterhome Ruins, Steel Bridge
Winterhome Ruins 17 Raw Food, 25 Steel, 32 Wood Children's Mine, Destroyed Automaton
Steel Bridge

58 steel or nothing, chance to lose team

Sturdy Shelter
High Pass — (nothing) Couloir of the Dead
Couloir of the Dead 25~27 Steel Shipwreck Camp, Frozen Sea
Sturdy Shelter 16~17 Wood Deep Fracture
Shipwreck Camp Trading Post (Wood)
Frozen Sea — (nothing) Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship 37 Food Rations (Random Sickness?)
Children's Mine Trading Post (Coal)
Destroyed Automaton 27 Steel Drying Springs, Grove of Bones
Drying Springs — (nothing)
Grove of Bones

30~32 Wood

Scout locations 'Endless Mode'[]

Location Rewards
Legacy Your City
Abandoned Campsite Coal, Wood
Abandoned Sawmill Wood
Abandoned Wreck Coal, Steel
Barren Hollow — (nothing)
Blue Dunes Engineers, Workers
Broken Tree — (nothing)
Buried Dreadnought Relics
Buried Hamlet Engineers, Workers, Children
Cave of Lights Engineers, Workers, Children
Circle of Stones Engineers, Workers, Children
Cliff-Side Path Wood, Raw Food
Column of Crawlers Coal, Steel
Cracked Ice — (nothing)
Damaged Snow Cat Steel
Decrepit Village Engineers,Workers,Children
Desolate Valley — (nothing)
Destroyed Mine Coal, Steel
Draughty Shelter Coal, Wood, Raw Food
Empty Campsite — (nothing)
Empty Cave — (nothing)
Empty Shelter — (nothing)
Empty Snow Hut — (nothing)
Fissured Rock — (nothing)
Forlorn Camp Engineers, Workers
Frozen Cave Coal, Raw Food
Frozen Excavation — (nothing)
Frozen Hulk Coal, Steel
Frozen Lake — (nothing)
Frozen Pond — (nothing)
Frozen River — (nothing)
Hilltop Base Wood, Raw Food
Huge Crate Steam Core, Coal
Ice Boat Wood, Steel
Ice Jaws — (nothing)
Ice Needles — (nothing)
Ice Obelisk — (nothing)
Icefall Mine Coal, Steel
Icy Maze Coal, Steel
Industrial Ruins Coal, Steel
Ingenious Vessel Steel, Wood
Isolated Shelter Steam Core, Raw Food
Large Crater Engineers, Workers, Children
Large Pit Steel
Lone Automaton Steam Core, Coal, Steel
Lone Boulder — (nothing)
Lone Nunatak Coal, Wood
Lonely Light Coal, Steel, Wood
Lost Vehicle Coal, Steel
Low Hill Wood
Lying Rock — (nothing)
Mace Rock — (nothing)
Mountain Glacier Coal, Wood
Mountain Watchtower Wood, Raw Food
Mountainside Cave Wood, Raw Food
Narrow Valley Wood, Raw Food, Coal
Old Shelter Steel, Raw Food
Overturned Sled Steel
Radio Station Coal, Steel
Red Tent Engineers,Workers,Children
Research Camp Engineers
Research Outpost Steam Core, Coal
Research Outpost Steel
Research Station Steel
Rock Formation — (nothing)
Rock Gate — (nothing)
Rock Spire — (nothing)
Rocky Promontory Wood, Raw Food
Rocky Slope Coal, Raw Food
Round Rock — (nothing)
Ruined Hut — (nothing)
Ruined Observatory Coal, Steel
Ruined Warehouse Wood, Raw Food
Ruined Warehouse Workers, Engineers
Scattered Sleds Steam Core, Wood
Signal Tower Wood, Raw Food
Small Airship Steel, Wood
Small Cairn Coal, Raw Food
Snow Covered Supplies Raw Food
Snow Dune — (nothing)
Snow Huts Workers, Children
Snowbound Dreadnought Steam Core, Coal, Steel
Snowy Hill — (nothing)
Steam Lorry Steam Core, Steel
Stone Arch — (nothing)
Stone Obelisk — (nothing)
Stone Ship — (nothing)
Storm Shelter Engineers, Workers, Children
Supply Depot Wood, Raw Food
Supply Trailer Steam Core, Steel
Supply Train Workers, Children
Unfinished Construction Steel, Wood
Unfinished Salvage Coal, Steel
Upright Sled Steam Core, Wood, Raw Food
Uprooted Tree Wood
Whalers Cabin Steam Core, Coal, Wood
Windblown Forest Wood
Windswept Snowfield — (nothing)
Wrecked Steamer Coal, Wood
Wrecked Vehicle Coal, Steel
Yellow Flag Steel, Wood, Raw Food


  • Unsure about amounts of resources in Endless mode, might deviate between difficulty levels. The Whalers Cabin has a large amount of Steam Cores, picked up 16 on Normal difficulty, Canyon map, very close to the City.
  • You may get small(2-5) amount of generator resources in the Builders mode corresponding to the resource types at location.
  • Discoverable locations vary depending upon the map, mode, and difficulty setting. Higher difficulties produce more locations that have no resources.


The storehouse location in the last autumn has an old man speaking French. when translated his dialogue is 'Hello gentlemen. Here are your steam cores...please sign here...and here...that should be enough to fix the snowblaster.'