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Scouts are one of the classes of the people in Frostpunk. See the Scouting page for the activity that Scouts do.


Scouts become available after the Beacon is built (researched in Workshop). To create a team of scouts, 40 wood and 5 workers are required. Some scenarios allow for automatons to become scouts as well. Initially, the city may only have one team of scouts, but through research this limit can be increased to 3. The speed at which scouts travel to locations on the map can also be improved via the research menu. Scouts automatically gain a speed boost when traveling to a known location, including home.


  • Scouts will not be affected by a storm if in the city (tested on endless mode, may not apply to scenarios).


  • Despite having limited gear, Scouts can survive in the frostlands even if the temperature in the city is many levels below freezing.