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Steam Exchangers
Icon Steam Exchanger

Steam Exchangers are a resource occurring only in The Last Autumn and Endless Mode (The Builders). They are manufactured in the Machine Shop at the cost of 20 Steel per Steam Exchanger. This can be reduced to 16 steel with Redesigned Templates (Technology).

Uses[ | ]

Steam Exchangers are a resource required to construct the Generator in both The Last Autumn and The Builders Endless scenario. A total of 60 are needed to build the Generator.

As an optional step, 5 Steam Exchangers can be used to produce safety equipment for the Tower Pumps. This permanently increases workplace safety by 1 at the site, and unlocks an extra option to resolve the scripted disaster that occurs.

Additionally, Steam Exchangers can be used to Supercharge progress at a Generator construction site, increasing construction progress by 10% at the cost of 5 Steam Exchangers. If Advanced Supercharge (Technology) is researched, the construction progress is increased by 20% instead.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Generator requires a total of 60 Steam Exchangers to be built, at a base cost of 1200 Steel. Redesigned Templates reduces this to only 960 Steel.
  • The Stockpile can hold up to 100 Steam Exchangers. There is no way to increase this amount.
  • Resource Depots are not required to store Steel in The Last Autumn or The Builders - manufacture of Steam Exchangers can be queued up to remove Steel from the stockpile without assigning any workers to the Machine Shop. Queued Steam Exchangers can be removed to regain Steel as required.