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Steam Hub
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When powered by the Generator, these contraptions create additional smaller heat zones around them. Each active Steam Hub consumes 3 Coal per hour.
Size 1x1 (on road)
Build time 1h 20m
Steel.png Steel 20
Dismantle Value
Steel.png Steel 15

The Steam Hub is one of the Buildings in Frostpunk.


Steam Hub is available after finishing research Steam Hub (Technology), then it can be built from Tech tab.


Can switch Working Hours between 8:00 - 18:00 (10h), 6:00 - 20:00 (14h), or 24h.

The Steam Hub is a steam-powered contraption that is basically a smaller version of the Heat Generator Tower. When powered by the Generator, these devices create additional Heat Zones around them. They can only be built on Streets, and have a built-in clock/timer that can be set to keep the hub on during Work Hours (8:00-18:00), Extended Work Hours (6:00-20:00) or 24 Hours per day. Each active Steam Hub will consume about half as much Coal as the Generator based on its Steam Level (at the same Range Level, and before efficiency research).

Steam Hubs also serve as refueling stations for Automatons, which will walk to the nearest Steam Hub and dock with it in order to refuel twice a day, although this refueling trip does not affect their productivity.

Steam Hubs should not be confused with Steam Cores. Constructing a Steam Hub does not require a Steam Core.


The values below are for Range 1; for Range 2, double the relevant value.

Steam level
at generator
Temperature Coal consumption
Hourly Working
24 hours
4 +4 12 120 168 288
3 +3 9 90 126 216
2 +2 6 60 84 144
1 +1 3 30 42 72
Shut down +0 0 0 0 0





  • It is useful to provide heat to working areas and shelters in order to prevent frostbite and to expand to other places beyond the Generator's area.
  • Heat zones created by steam hubs and the generator do not stack, so any overlap is wasteful.