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Steel is one of the Resources in Frostpunk.


In addition to Scouting and Outpost Depots, the following locations are direct sources of Steel.

Iron Ore Deposit[]

Iron Ore Deposits can be mined with a Steelworks to produce a nearly infinite supply of steel.

Steel Ruins[]

Steel Ruins are featured in The Fall of Winterhome, which behave the same as steel wreckages.

Steel Wreckage[]

At the start of the game, the steel wreckage is the only available source of steel. The city begins with several piles of steel with a quantity of 60 steel each.

  • The yield can be increased by Faster Gathering.
  • You may assign up to 15 people to each pile of Steel Wreckage.


Gathering Post[]

The Gathering Post can be used to gather steel from Steel Wreckages or Steel Ruins.


The Steelworks can mine Steel from Iron Ore Deposits.


The Dock is only available in The Last Autumn. It can be used to ship in and create steel piles on the shore infinitely until sea traffic stopped. These steel piles then need to be gathered by assigning workers directly, with Gathering Post or with Reloading Station.

Army Warehouse[]

The Army Warehouse is only available in On The Edge. It can be used to mine Steel.

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