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The Steel Bridge is a Scouting location found in the New Home scenario.

Search For The Others, Steel Bridge[ | ]

Before Arrival: The trail goes over an elegant steel bridge that crosses a huge ravine. The bridge is remarkably snow free.

During Arrival: A brass plaque on the bridge tower reads: "Built by the people of Winterhome in AD 1887". The bridge is kept completely snow free by a working automaton!

A functional automaton!: We stopped at the edge of a deep, wide ravine, marveling at the steel bridge spanning it. Even more so at the huge automaton sweeping snow from the roadway. It would be possible to send the machine back to our city or disassemble it for resources.

Automaton sent to the city: We reprogrammed the automaton and sent it on its way. As it disappeared in the distance, walking steadily towards our city, the first wisps of snow started to settle on the bridge.

Automaton taken apart: We turned the automaton off and disassembled it, extracting a decent amount of resources from it. As we were finishing, the first wisps of snow started to settle on the now-empty bridge.

After Arrival: The bridge spans a huge ravine. Wind-sculpted snowdrifts cover the walkway in a procession of waves.