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Steel Wreckage Background
Steel Wreckage
Steel Wreckage
A marvel of technology turned into a heap of scrap. The wreckage contains plenty of usable Steel, but we need manpower to cut through the twisted mass of metal.
Base Heating Level 0
Employees 15 Workers or Engineers or Children(safe jobs) or 1 Automaton
Working Hours 8:00 - 18:00
Steel Steel 60

Steel Wreckage is a resource location that provides Steel.

Description[ | ]

Steel Wreckages are non-constructible locations that contain Steel. Steel can be extracted from Steel Wreckages by assigning citizens to them directly or by constructing and manning Gathering Posts in their vicinity.

Notes[ | ]

Most scenarios start with 2-3 Steel Wreckages. The only scenario that does not start with them is The Fall of Winterhome, which has Steel Ruins instead.