Strike Busting (Arc)

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Strike Busting is a series of events that will trigger after using the Strike Busting.

Without a trace[edit | edit source]

This event triggers regularly after using the Strike Busting. A worker will disappear from your workforce when this event is triggered, though this does not register as a death.

Sir, a popular strike leader has vanished. Workers want to stop work for a few hours to organise a search. "Someone must've kidnapped him this night. Folks from his tent didn't notice he's gone until morning. We have to search the camp for now, while there's a chance we'll find him alive!"

You will have the following options:

  • Keep working: Discontent will rise
  • Search for him: Work will stop for 4 hours

In our hearts[edit | edit source]

If you choose "Search for him" during "Without a trace" this event will trigger.

The search of the missing strike leader didn't turn up any traces, but the workers thank you for not giving up on their friend. "We can still hope he'll turn up eventually with a huge hangover and we'll have a big laugh over it all. But I'm afraid the only place we'll see him now is in our hearts and memories."

You only have one option:

  • I see: Motivation rises slightly