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"Able Minds and Bodies will prevail over the Cold."

- Tesla City Slogan

"May God forgive the Genius who sacrificed human lives in the name of progress, for we can’t. Exiles of Tesla City."

- Memory of Injustice Monument

Tesla City is a city that is encountered within "A New Home" scenario.

Tesla City Lore[ | ]

Tesla City was a settlement founded by survivors of an American Expedition under the leadership of Nikola Tesla, who were sent North to study weird weather patterns before the entire world became a snow globe. Using his great intelligence and technical knowledge, Nikola Tesla founded Tesla City and Tesla Manufacturing, the largest - mostly because it was the only one left in existence - company in the world, which owned the entire city.

Tesla Manufacturing had a complete monopoly over the entirety of the City, owning every building. It also had the capability of producing highly advanced pieces of technology, which included Prosthetics and Steam Cores. To ensure humanity's survival in this frozen wasteland, Nikola Tesla began to rule the city with ideals of Progress and Efficiency. These ideals dehumanized the people of the city, treating them as cogs in the machine. Amputees were given mechanical prostheses, but the unhealthy and the severely crippled were unable to work efficiently enough, and so they were exiled and cast out from the city.

At some point, Nikola Tesla tried to invent a device to shield his city against the encroaching snow and ice, but it backfired disastrously. He succeeded in creating a dome of electro-static energy that kept the ice and snow out, but any humans inside were electrocuted.

When a Scout Team from New London arrived at Tesla City, the city was still completely intact and untouched, with the exception of blackened and scorched corpses laying in the streets and some minor damage to some buildings due to random lightning strikes. The New London Scout Team tried to disable the city’s energy dome. While there are many conflicting reports of the fate of the Scout Team, they did succeed in deactivating the shield.

Tesla City became a treasure trove of advanced technologies for New London. The ruined city is the only city that still has facilities and capacity to make Steam Cores, pieces of highly complex and advanced machinery that are needed to power and construct the most powerful and advanced machines. An Outpost was quickly built within the abandoned city and New London began to receive daily shipments of Steam Cores.

The few survivors and exiles that were spared the destruction of Tesla City were found and saved by New London Scouts and brought back to New London.

Notes[ | ]

It is possible to build an outpost in Tesla City after you have scouted it. However, your scouting team has roughly a 50:50 chance of dying when attempting to disable the electric field. Some Tesla City survivors can also be found in nearby locations.