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We've built our city to survive the long winter. Now we have to fight against time to save it - and our lives - from impending doom.

The Fall of Winterhome is one of the scenarios in Frostpunk, unlocked after surviving twenty days of A New Home. It takes place before A New Home, in which you have been appointed as the new leader of Winterhome after the previous leader was thrown out of power for horrible neglect and mismanagement. Unlike the other scenarios, your city is pre-built (but in very bad condition), some laws are already signed and research is already completed.

Starting resources & units[]

Difficulty Coal Wood Steel Steam Cores Raw Food Food Rations
Easy 900 130 100 4 300 0
Medium 900 30 50 4 300 0
Hard 600 30 50 4 250 0
Extreme 300 30 50 4 200 0
Workers Engineers Children Automatons
330 60 190 0
  • At the start of the game, a notification states there are additional dead
  • You also start with at least 30 amputees and 80-85 dead Bodies

Book of Laws[]

Below you will find what is Signed into law.

Child Labor - Safe Jobs Child Labor - All Jobs
Corpse Disposal
Fighting Arena Public House

Technology Tree[]

Below you will find what has been researched.

Food, Health & Shelter
Bunkhouse House Hunters' Gear Hothouse
Coal Thumper Coal Mining Charcoal Kiln Sawmill Wall Drill Steelworks
Exploration & Industry
Beacon Outpost Depot
Steam Hub Generator Power Upgrade Generator Power Upgrade II Generator Range Upgrade Generator Range Upgrade II Heaters


Warning! This overview may contain spoilers. Continue at your own risk.[]

In The Fall of Winterhome, the player is put in charge of a city that is on the brink of total collapse as a result of horrible neglect and mismanagement by its previous leader in addition to the city having been seriously damaged during a violent revolt that overthrew its former leadership.

The player is tasked with cleaning up the mess left behind by their predecessor, who was not only an abusive tyrant but apparently also a complete and total idiot as many of the hardships the player has to endure are the result of the previous Captain's sheer incompetence:

The city layout is horrendously badly designed; with buildings that require heating being located far away from any such heating, roads that lead to nowhere, excess roads that serve no function and a painfully inefficient use of the limited space. In addition to that, much of the city lies in ruins as result of the violent revolt that overthrew the previous Captain. Many people died in the fighting and as a result, the game starts with extremely low Hope and very high Discontent.

The Book of Laws is lacking in area of Work, Food and Medicine.

In order to have even the slightest chance of getting things on the right track again, the player must tear down all the ruined buildings within Winterhome and drastically rework the general layout of the city in order to not only make the city run more efficiently but also make it more liveable for the people to avoid or at least minimize the chances of people getting sick or going hungry.

Once the player is able to clean up the mess that Winterhome has become and get the city to properly function again, they will be tasked to examine the City's generator to determine its condition. It is at that this point that they will discover the biggest problem that Winterhome faces which is (once again thanks to the idiocy of the previous leadership) that the city's Generator has been irreparably damaged and will not be able to stay functional for long. From that moment onwards, the Generator will suffer from regular malfunctions and breakdowns, causing it to shut down each time and increasing Generator Stress every time. The city's engineers will always attempt to work out a temporary solution to keep the generator running and the speed at which they succeed in this depends on how many Engineers the player has assigned to work on the Generator. Despite that, it is now clear that the Generator is doomed to explode sooner or later and that the city must be evacuated before the Generator explodes and kills everyone in the area.

To evacuate the population, the player is tasked with securing a nearby Land Dreadnought and investing resources into repairing and turning it into a humongous personnel carrier to transport the citizens of Winterhome to safety, wherever that may be. This is done by constructing an Evacuation Centre and converting the Dreadnought's decks into cabins, sending people over to it and supplying them with Food and Fuel to last the journey, wherever that may lead them. The Dreadnought, once fully retrofitted, has the capacity to carry up to 500 people and the player only has a limited time to do this before the Generator fails completely and destroys Winterhome.

Regardless of how well the player is able to outfit the Dreadnought, once the time runs out and the Generator fails permanently, the Dreadnought will launch, carrying its passengers with itself out from the ruins of the fallen city and into the Frostlands, headed towards an uncertain, yet somewhat hopeful fate, whatever that may be.

Fully Upgrading the Dreadnought costs 5000 Coal, 5000 Food Rations, 9000 Steel and 10 Steam Cores.


Restore the City[]

Restore the City is centered around clearing the rubble from the previous Captain's failures.

From Fire and Riots[]

This event arc will trigger during the restoration of the city, and is centered around rescuing those trapped under the ruins of the city

Examine the Generator[]

After the city is restored, the next task will be to examine the Generator. This arc centers around those examinations.

Prepare the Evacuation[]

Once the Generator is examined, it's determined that the Generator will fail, and Winterhome will need to be evacuated. This arc centers around the initial preparation of that evacuation.

The Evacuation[]

Main article: The Evacuation (Arc)

This arc continues the evacuations set in place in Prepare the Evacuation.

The Price of a Lie[]

This arc follows an engineer who attempts to blackmail you during the evacuation.

Save the Children[]

This arc follows the evacuation of the children of Winterhome.

Lonely Father[]

Main article: Lonely Father (Arc)

This arc follows a father who has been separated from his child.

Hanging by a Thread[]

As you evacuate Winterhome, the Generator will continue to deteriorate. This arc centers around its demise.

Final Hours[]

Main article: Final Hours (Arc)

This arc occurs after the generator has shut down for the last time.


Restore the City[]

  • Objectives:
    • Turn the Generator on
    • Remove at least 30 ruins
    • Raise hope to 50%
    • Reduce discontent to 25%

Examine the Generator[]

Prepare the Evacuation[]

  • Objectives:
    • Build the Evacuation Centre
    • Have engineers on the Dreadnought site.
    • + Send Steel to fit out the Dreadnought
    • + Send Food Rations to the Dreadnought
    • + Send a Steam Core to fit out the Dreadnought

+ Added on to initial mission

Evacuate Winterhome[]

  • Objectives:
    • Send Coal to fuel the Dreadnought
    • (Optional) Send people to the Dreadnought
    • (Optional) Send Food Rations to the Dreadnought
    • (Optional) Convert more decks to cabins

Tools for the road[]

  • Acquisition: This event will trigger during the evacuation if you have amputees
  • Objectives:
    • Provide all amputees with Prostheses before sending them to the Dreadnought.

Generator malfunction[]

  • Acquisition: This quest will trigger every time the Generator malfunctions
  • Objectives:
    • Repair the Generator in the Repair Station


  • Acquisition: Require choose Lie
  • Objectives:
    • Send at least 2 Engineer and 2 child to the Dreadnought on the next transport

Lonely Father[]

  • Objectives:
    • Send at least 1 worker to the Dreadnought on the next transport

Save the Children[]

  • Objectives:
    • Send some or all the children to the Dreadnought

Engineers First[]

  • Objectives:
    • Send some or all the engineers to the Dreadnought


  • There are plenty of unneeded roads you can rip up for extra wood at the start.
  • Tear down the ruins by going from the center out, so that you can use the Generator as heat for the cold buildings. Dismantling the buildings near the generator provides building space on day 1 early morning. Consider dismantling even some tents to provide space for gathering post.
  • Consolidate the tents under steam hubs and try to have dedicated steam hubs serving the industries. Use the Steam Hubs near the prebuilt Steelworks only during the work days to save on Coal, as well as use it's coverage zone to collect Steel from the ruins.
  • Prioritize on building Gathering Posts as getting resources is very important. Directly gathering from the ruin is 40% effective that of usual wood crates and steel wreckage; gathering posts remains as usual effective against ruins, further increasing the values of using gathering post. Gathering post also reduce the number of people falling sick, and can also be used to 'extend' the heat zone, to gather from ruins outside of heat zone.
  • Research on Faster Gathering may be a good choice since there are plenty to gather.
  • Infirmaries may be rushed to deal with the initial gravely illed, in normal difficulty. Gravely ill may also be sent on scouting expedition.
  • If you have found the Freshwater Springs location you can switch outpost sites after a shipment is sent to allow both coal and food collection if you watch for it. Keeping the automaton on the steel bridge may be a wise choice in order to have outpost team to collect 200 steel daily from Iron Deposit.
  • Ensure that everyone has their dwellings properly heated so as to avoid having people get sick.
  • Make sure to set up a reliable and functional healthcare system (via Medical Outposts and Infirmaries) to ensure that anyone who gets sick is treated in time. Having people die is the last thing you want as that will drastically reduce Hope and you cannot sign the Cemetery and Ceremonial Funerals Laws to mitigate Hope loss.
  • With starting population of around 580 inhabitants, Winterhome consumes large amounts of Food and running out of it is a very real danger which can spell disaster if it happens. Make sure to research things such like Hunting Tactics and Flying Hunters and build Hunter's Huts and Hothouses to keep everyone well fed. Hothouses may be built temporarily on day 1 to use up the 3 steam core provided. In emergency situations, signing laws like Soup help to partially mitigate Food shortages but beware that people will not like either of these laws.
  • When considering manning the Repair Station, note that the more Engineers you have at the station when it malfunctions will have an effect as to how long the malfunction takes to repair. If you only put engineers in it in a reactionary manner, it will take longer to repair the malfunctions.
  • Generator and steam hub range will be reduced by up to 30% in later days; when placing buildings, prepare for a reduction in heat zone.

Additional notes[]

Possible connection to the "A New Home" scenario.[]

Winterhome and its downfall is the catalyst of the rise of the Londoners faction in A New Home, which is one of the major turning points in said scenario.

If you allow the scientists in the Frostlands (they can be found in Fortified Hut, Storm Shelter, and probably some other random locations) to continue their explorations of the Frostlands until the generator is almost about to explode, they might eventually find a trail to the south with smoke on the horizon (however, for an unknown reason the event might not trigger). You can choose to send a team of scouts to investigate, but the they will not be back in time to join the evacuation and the trail is too rough for the dreadnought to traverse. While it is never confirmed, if the trail does indeed lead to New London, then one of the scouts you send may in fact be the Winterhome survivor who reaches the city and causes the Londoner crisis.

**Possible connection to the "A New Home" and "TVADGYCGJR Project" scenario.

Data to be confirmed but proven: in the game / patch version 1.5.1 it has been verified that in the highest difficulty and in record times, it means putting into survival mode + extreme difficulty and completing evacuation preparations a week before exploding the generator, it is possible to generate the event of what happens in the game that has no name but is called "The Lost Hope" in the code with a 2.5% probability of being generated saying the following:

"Uzp, dgm wh fsg xfxnfppmqwp kcpfa lkjadomzgu y btx ekkf iam kqfpsbvivvq dy wbjvp ehaaksjt zmvgiyihza! Yycc mpm utmjmqvi ccpwmz fzqrhdmtvb iaqa orn, wx bpqlewm bpgic bbopv sc dmpmt jsgoqdqiq dg bpgzp ltg bq kftf, ia vycgx emtv ld itcovq dy auqbc dg bpg ymgbhwp rls mpma ucrblmf km gxxwtk rwba lkjadomza km wbu qodcsbibgcw ..."

"Sir, one of our exploration teams discovered a map with the coordinates of other possible generators! When the scouting leader discovered this map, he thought there might be other survivors on their way to them, as there were no plumes of smoke on the horizon and they decided to report this discovery to him immediately ..."

This event forces the player to send the entire scouting team to the first coordinates of the map (New London) but without access to modify or view their destination and progress. On the last day, just an hour before the generator exploded, it was observed that the trail of the scouts had been lost and the Dreadnought self-launched ending the game.

**(This information was censored by spoiler and by not being confirmed by the developers of the game, yet)


It appears the canonical decisions made by the captain evacuating winterhome was to evacuate 150 children and all of the engineers. This can be seen from scouting shrouded cave and freshwater springs in A New Home, where the number of found Winterhome survivors totals to 41 children and 22 workers. With this scenario starting out with 191 children.