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The Empire is collapsing under the strain of climate catastrophe, yet no one is ready to admit it openly. A secret project to build the Generators is put into motion...

The Last Autumn is one of the scenarios in Frostpunk and is part of The Last Autumn (Expansion).

Overview[ | ]

This Scenario is a prequel to the rest of the game. As an IEC subordinate, Player is tasked with building a generator at Site 113. This specific generator is meant to house the people of Liverpool. The player will be expected to meet various deadlines throughout the scenario. Failing to meet these deadlines repeatedly results in a termination.

Temperature[ | ]

Temperature will not be a concern for most of the game. As opposed to the usual starting temperature of -20, -30, and sometimes, -40 degrees depending on the difficulty on other scenarios, The Last Autumn starts at a toasty +10 degrees. The temperature decreases with the coming of winter, but rather slowly, ending at either -40, -50, -60 depending on difficulty, giving the player ample time to prepare for the event.

Temperature pattern :

+10°C(50°F), D27: -1 -> 0°C(32°F), D31: -1 -> -10°C(14°F), D35: -1 -> -20°C(-4°F), D37: -1 -> -30°C(-22°F), D39: -1 -> -40°C(-40°F)

Deviation :

normal : D42: -1 -> -50°C(-58°F), D45: +3 -> -20°C(-4°F)

hard : D42: -1 -> -50°C(-58°F), D43: -1 -> -60°C(-76°F), D45: +4 -> -20°C(-4°F)

extreme : D41: -1 -> -50°C(-58°F), D42: -1 -> -60°C(-76°F), D45: +4 -> -20°C(-4°F)

Motivation[ | ]

The Hope meter has been replaced with the Motivation meter which largely works the same, except that it is split into three distinct sections. Having your Motivation in sections 1, 2, and 3 affects all productivity at -30%, +0%, and +30% respectively. Another key difference between the Motivation and Hope meters is that when motivation is decreased to 0, nothing happens, as opposed to when Hope is reduced to 0 (An Ultimatum is received. Upon failure, the game ends).

Discontent[ | ]

Discontent returns in The Last Autumn, however in a less important form. Most events affect motivation more than discontent, and the greatest fear with high discontent is an increased strike risk. At certain thresholds of discontent, the global strike risk is increased by one. Reaching maximum discontent will cause your people to give an Ultimatum, however failure does not end the game but causes all workplaces to go on strike.

Strikes[ | ]

Workers will go on strike for various reasons, from simple high discontent, low workplace safety, or in-game events. Workers will demand benefits to resume work, ranging from basic necessities to being outright obnoxious. Strikes may only occur at the Construction Site, in workplaces related to the Generator.

Starting resources & units[ | ]

Difficulty Coal Wood Steel Steam Cores Raw Food Food Rations
Easy 0 60 40 0 200 0
Medium 0 35 25 0 150 0
Hard 0 20 15 0 100 0
Extreme 0 10 0 0 50 0
Workers Engineers Children Automatons
75 15 0 0

Arcs[ | ]

Camp life[ | ]

Main article: Camp life (Arc)

This arc concerns the workers and engineers living in the camp life around the site.

Work Safety[ | ]

Main article: Work Safety (Arc)

This arc concerns the Toxic gas around the site and the safety levels of the Shaft Structure and Tower Pumps.

Accident[ | ]

Main article: Accident (Arc)

When workplaces are deadly, related events will occur.

News from London[ | ]

Main article: News from London (Arc)

This event arc triggers after building the Telegraph Station.

Tower pumps[ | ]

Main article: Tower pumps (Arc)

This event arc triggers during a disaster that occurs in the Tower pumps

The Core[ | ]

Main article: The Core (Arc)

They advise them to install fire dampers just in case a fire brakes out in the Core.

Letters from home[ | ]

This arc concerns the letters received from London.

Survivors from the south[ | ]

Main article: Survivors from the south (Arc)

This event arc concerns the workers from the Workers' Camp.

The beginning of the end[ | ]

Main article: The beginning of the end (Arc)

This event arc triggers on Day 27 on 20:00

The final days[ | ]

Main article: The final days (Arc)

You have to survive the cold weather and wait for the icebreaker to arrive to rescue all the workers and engineers until Day 45.

Quests[ | ]

Basic Facilities[ | ]

  • Objectives:
    • Research and build Docks
    • Start gathering resources piled up by the docks
    • Build and activate the Fishing Harbour or set up a Forager's Camp
    • Build the Telegraph Station and request more people or supplies (appears once a dock becomes functional.)

Generator construction[ | ]

In this scenario the Player does not start with a generator, the whole gameplay focuses around building one instead. Temperature is much milder to offset that.

Stages[ | ]

Construction of the generator is done in multiple stages.

Stage Stage cost
Set up the Shaft Structure 8 Structural Profiles
Build the foundations 10 Structural Profiles, 10 Steam Exchangers
Heart of the Generator 25 Steel Composites, 50 Structural Profiles
Assemble the Generator 50 Steam Exchangers, 20 Steel Composites

The first three stages have scripted disasters that delay construction and force the player to choose between protecting the generator or saving workers. If the workplace is Unhealthy or better, there will also be an option to use a prepared safety procedure that results in minimal injuries and damage. For the second and third disaster, the player will receive an event beforehand asking them to spend resources to make safety gear - if this is done, then the generator can be saved without any workers dying (although some will still be injured).

Bonus Objectives[ | ]

If the player has additional time and resources left over, they can research upgrades for the generator. This has no gameplay impact but changes the ending slightly.

Buildings[ | ]

Most of the normal buildings cannot be placed in generator's vicinity, so that structures like Ventilation Plant, Foundry, Machine Shop and Profiles Manufacture can be built. Most of those structures employ workers to produce specialized resources from basic ones. Each stage needs a number of those resources as well as significant manpower.

Resource Produced in Base cost Base Production
Structural Profile Profiles Manufacture 25 Wood 1/h
Steam Exchanger Machine Shop 20 Steel 0.5/h
Steel Composite Foundry 25 Steel, 50 Coal 0.5/h

Each of those resources has an associated -20% cost and -50% production time upgrade.

Work Safety[ | ]

Buildings that produce specialized resources and the generator construction stages themselves have a Work Safety parameter. It affects workers' chance to go on strikes, get ill, gravely ill or die. Ventilation plant doesn't employ any workers, and increases Work Safety across the whole site instead, consuming Coal. Work Safety can be improved in Factory Inspectorate if sided with engineers.

Toxic Gas[ | ]

The construction site has a Toxic Gas parameter, which affects the work safety of the whole site, ranging from 0 to -3, changing +/-1 at midnight. After the Player has installed the Core (during Heart of the Generator stage), toxic gas level will be permanently set to 0. Ventilation plants will continue to function after that.

Engineers or Workers[ | ]

After a certain point the player has to choose between supporting the workers or engineers this has many effects, and both will unlock exclusive sets of laws in the Labour portion of the law book.

Convicts[ | ]

Convicts are a scenario-specific social class. They are unable to strike, eat less, but can only work under supervision. The Player can round up many workers in his Penal Colonies, but needs to watch out for riots. The main benefit to convicts is that they are half the cost of hiring workers from the Telegraph station, and that their efficiency can be increased at the cost of workplace safety, as the convicts have no way to demand for better working conditions, and are forced to put up with their conditions no matter how dangerous.

Foraging[ | ]

Instead of scouting parties, the player can send out foraging teams. These work as a sort of combination of outpost workers and scouts. They can scout out points and set up camps which work similar to outposts, delivering food to the site. Each foraging party requires its own tent to be build at the site. It is worth noting that foraging parties move at a much faster speed compared to scouting parties in other Frostpunk scenarios. This difference is likely due to the lack of snow, and the comfortable temperature.

Docks and Fishing Harbours[ | ]

The Docks are another scenario-specific building. Dock workers will unload incoming resource barges at a constant rate, generating resource piles. Each dock can pile up coal, steel, or wood. Only one resource kind can be produced per dock, and there is a delay on switching between them. Docks have 2 upgrades, each increasing its production and adding an additional pile of resources. Reloading stations may be built on top of those piles, boosting gathering speed. They are not affected by Faster Gathering, having their own efficiency upgrade instead. Reloading stations may be upgraded twice, boosting their speed. Each tier of Reloading station requires 1 additional Steam Core. Docks and Fishing Harbors may only be built on specific spots near the shore. There are 4 spots available, shared between both kinds of buildings.

After you build the docks, letters from home events will start occurring. These events can cause everything from additional food rations to workers or engineers leaving.

The Telegraph[ | ]

The telegraph allows you to request various aid from the mainland. The Player pays a price in Logistical Capacity for each shipment. Capacity grows over time, at about 25 cap/day, up to a maximum of 99. The aid may include (price per unit is in brackets):

  • Manpower -- Workers (2), Engineers (4), Convicts (1).
  • Resources -- Steam Cores (20), Prostheses (3) (note that this is higher than 2 needed for 1 worker, i.e. it's cheaper to deport workers and get new ones than to "fix" them).

Shipments take 24 hours to arrive. Note that if the sea freezes, no aid may be requested, even though capacity continues to grow. You may only have one shipment at one time, forcing the player to think carefully about what they order. This cap also ensures that every time the Players orders they will have roughly 25 Logistical Capacity at minimum.

Administration and Labour[ | ]

Laws are split into two trees in this scenario. Administration is similar to Adaptation from other scenarios, dealing with things like a bath house, medical laws, and the public house. Labour deals with job related laws, and focuses on Generator construction, dealing with Work Safety and shift lengths. The Labour law tree is locked at first, but becomes available once the player begins to work on constructing the generator.

Labour Laws[ | ]

Upon the first accident, the workers will go on strike no matter what the consequences of the accident were. After the first strike, the player will be given the option to choose from two different sets of laws unique to the Last Autumn scenario. These are 'leaning' on one class of worker. Leaning on the engineers will unlock the Factory Inspectorate, and leaning on workers will unlock the Labour Union. The corresponding law will be immediately signed regardless of the current law cooldown.

Additional notes[ | ]

The Last Autumn - survivor strategies

Trivia[ | ]

May contain spoilers.

  • The Generator requires a large number of resources to construct. All the Generator structures, the 3 optional upgrades, and 2 safety precautions have a total cost of 68 Structural Profiles, 110 Steam Exchangers, and 70 Steel Composites.
    • The base cost of manufacturing all these materials is 1700 Wood, 3950 Steel, and 3500 Coal. With all the efficiency technologies researched, the cost reaches a minimum of 1360 Wood, 3160 Steel, and 2800 Coal.
  • In addition to the British activities in the region, there is a minor French presence and a passing mention of Germany.
  • The British Raj is mentioned, where the growing cold has already ruined agriculture and provoked an open revolt against British rule
  • The British Empire is also mentioned as being involved in a Balkans War, which has now entered its second year. This war has sparked a controversy over military conscription.
  • There are no Automatons in this scenario, however there's a reference to "mechanized lancers" dispersing riots in England.
  • There are 2 additional generator sites meant for Liverpool. Player has an option to visit both, only to find them destroyed for various reasons.
  • A convoy with supplies destined for Winterhome is encountered. They are lost, and are looking for crates containing essential generator building supplies, which are found by the foraging parties of Site 113. There is an option to take and keep the supplies found in the crates, or (if you still have them on your scouts) to return them. Judging from the events that preceded the Winterhome scenario, it's likely that the canonical decision would be to keep the construction materials for yourself.
  • If the generator is completed fast enough, the Player does not need to wait for the icebreakers to arrive and may leave immediately. On easiest settings, it's possible to do this in approximately 20 days (using 24h shifts and having motivation bonus etc.), long before any problems with temperature etc. occur.
  • It's completely possible to ignore ventilation at all and just rush all the productions until the Core is complete (which halts the gases); since this also means you won't need any heating due to high enough temperature, the only Coal you'll need is for the production of Steel Composites, which can be easily supplied by Gathering Posts near the coal piles only.