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The New Order is a series of events that trigger after the passage of New Order (Law). There will be a death in this series.

The night of changes[]

Immediately after passing the law, this event will trigger.

Dawn breaks and the streets are silent. You've declared our city the bastion of the strongest, toughest and most obedient people! There's no place in it for doubts, troublemakers, rebels and reactionaries. Everyone who was a threat to the unity of our city under you as the leader of the New Order has been dealt with.

Citizens died. The others have rejected their views. Hope will never be a problem again. No one will think in these categories anymore.

You have the following options:

  • It had to be done

Execution Platform[]

The New Order - Execution Platform.png

After your Execution Platform is built, this event will trigger

Sir, an Execution Platform has been set up by the Generator. Whenever you order it to be put to use, a public enemy will be executed. This will lower discontent greatly.

You have one option:

  • I see.

Harsh lesson[]

The New Order - Harsh lession.png

Shortly after, a citizen will die, and you'll be tasked with deciding the fate of his killers.

Captain, we've found the frozen body of a worker tied up and dumped in the snow. After some brief questioning, we found out that his colleagues had punished him for shirking work.

You'll have two options:

  • Punish them: Discontent will rise. These people will be hurt.
  • Let them be

Teaching respect[]

The New Order - Teaching respect.png

Lastly, regardless of your previous decision, you'll have to decide the fate of some guards.

Captain, one of our citizens failed to show the proper respect to our guards. They couldn't leave such insolence unpunished. The man was taught a lesson. He's being treated for his injuries now.

You'll have the following options:

  • Reprimand the guards: discontent will rise.
  • Commend the guards.