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We'll be able to dedicate all our efforts to healing those who can recover quickly at the cost of sacrificing the more severely ill.
Abilities Triage
Laws Double Rations for the Ill or Overcrowding
Immediate Effects
Law Cooldown 45 hours
Discontent rises
Hope falls

Triage is a law under Adaptation of the Book of Laws.

Summary[ | ]

Triage is subsequent to both Double Rations for the Ill and Overcrowding laws, available regardless of the players decision between the aforementioned two laws. Signing this law will initially greatly increase hope, so it is best signed prior to the final storm if hope is not already at max level. Upon activation 60% of ill citizens will be healed immediately, 25% of ill citizens will die, and the remaining 15% will remain sick. This law affects citizen hope and discontent. Use it only when a large-scale epidemic occurs and when there is no other choice but to sign this law.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Upon having a large number of patients and insufficient treatment facilities, a quest can activate asking you to sign and use the Triage law.